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40+ Christmas Riddles for Kids 🔔: Fun Holiday Brain Workout

Nov 6, 2020

Christmas Riddles for Kids

Interesting IQ Christmas Riddles for Kids

Easy Riddles for kids are fun questions that are asked to test cleverness. They are confusing questions that need a different approach to get the right answer. Look at a few Christmas riddles for kids:

❓ Question 1: Where does Christmas come before Thanksgiving?

Answers: In the Dictionary.

❓ Question 2: What did Mrs. Claus say to Santa when she looks at the sky?

Answers: Looks like rain, dear.

❓ Question 3: What does a Snowman like to eat for breakfast?

Answers: Frosted Flakes.

❓ Question 4: Why is Santa so good at Karate?

Answer: Because He has a black belt.

Fun Christmas, Santa Riddles for Kids

 Question 5: Which one of Santa’s reindeers can be seen on Valentine day?

Answer: Cupid

 Question 6: Why didn’t the wig get any presents on Christmas?

Answer: Because it was very knotty.

Question 7: What Christmas carol is a favourite of parents?

Answer: Silent Night.

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Question 8: What’s the best thing to give your parents for Christmas?

Answer: A list of everything you want!

 Question 9: Why does Mummies like Christmas so much?

Answer: Because of all the wrapping.

 Question 10: Who is never hungry during the Christmas?

Answer: The turkey, because it is always

Printable Christmas Jokes and Riddles, Quizzes for Kids

❓ Question 11: What did Adam say the day before Christmas?

Answer: It’s Christmas, Eve.

❓ Question 12: What do Elves learn in school?

Answer: The ELF-ABET.

❓ Question 13: Why are Christmas Trees so bad at knitting?

Answer: Because they always drop their needles.

Question 14: What does a cat in the desert have in common with Christmas?

Answer: Sandy Claws.

Question 15: What goes in a chimney red and comes out of it black?

Answer: Santa Claus.

Christmas Riddles for church group, christian family

20 easy Christmas educational riddles for kids:

 Question 1. When Jesus cried out, three kings came to show their respect to God, and what gift did they bring?

Answers: Gold, incense, herbal medicine.

 Question 2. How does Santa get into the children’s home?

Answer: Chimneys.

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 Question 3. Why does Santa come into the house through the chimney?

Answer: Because in Nordic countries, it is very cold in winter, the doors are closed, so Santa Claus must enter through the chimney.

 Question 4. How many reindeers does Santa ride?

Answer: 9 reindeers.

 Question 5. What is the name of the guide reindeer (9th child)? Why did Santa choose it as a guide?

Answer: The name Rudolph, for it has a red nose that glows in the dark

Christmas Trivia Questions For Kids

❓ Question 6. What is Santa’s real name?

Answer: Saint Nicholas, children’s saint, also known as Santa Claus (as long as the child answers one of the two names correctly)

❓ Question 7. What color clothes does Santa normally wear?

Answer: Red with a white border.

❓ Question 8. What are gift bags for children?

Answer: Socks, & stockings are hung at the fireplace.

❓ Question 9. Tell a story about Baby Jesus that you know.

❓ Question 10. Sing a Christmas song that you know.

❓ Question 11. Tell a story about Santa Claus that you know.

❓ Question 12. What is usually decorated on a Christmas tree?

Answer: The apple of Ms. Eva, the star on the tree.

Christmas jokes and riddles, Quiz, Puzzles for Kids

❓ Question 13. What is the meaning of the word “Noel”?

Answer: Abbreviation of Em – ma – nu – el means God is with us.

❓ Question 14. What are the gifts of the Christmas holidays?

Answer: It commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, a gift from God to man.

❓ Question 15. Where was Jesus born?

Answer: God was born in a small cave, in a shepherd’s manger in Bethlehem.

❓ Question 16. Write Christmas greetings for someone you love.

❓ Question 17. Who is the Holy One who baptized Jesus Christ?

Answer: Before entering the public life proclaiming the good news of salvation, Jesus asked John the Baptist to baptize him at the Gildan River.

 Question 18. What is the big symbol hanging from the top of the church bell tower?

Answer: According to legend, when God was born, a brilliant star appeared. Light emitted several hundred miles and can still be seen. From there, the three kings followed the lead of light to the city of Bethlehem where the Lord was born. The star becomes a significant symbol in the Christmas season and is hung in the most luxurious place in churches and religious facilities during Christmas to remember the legend above. Because the meaning of the star also symbolizes God’s miracle. Five-pointed stars often appear in colorful colors during the Christmas season. A huge star is hanging from the top of the church bell tower.

 Question 19. What is a baby’s gift to the Child God?

Answer: According to legend, there was a boy who, because of no gratitude to the Child, brought a bunch of leaves down the manger. My friends laughed at me, but when she placed branches at the feet of the Child God, those branches turned into beautiful bright red flowers.

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Festive Riddles About Christmas for Kids

❓ Question 20: One of Santa’s reindeer shares its name with a famous symbol of Valentine’s Day. Which reindeer is that?

Answer:  Cupid

❓ Question 21: What Christmas-themed ballet premiered in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 1892?

Answer:  The Nutcracker

❓ Question 22: In 1981, Bob and Doug McKenzie released their own version of a classic Christmas song. Which song is that?

Answer:  The Twelve Days of Christmas

❓ Question 23: What animated 2004 film is about a train that carries kids to the North Pole on Christmas Eve?

Answer:  The Polar Express

❓ Question 24: What much-reviled Christmas edible is known for its long shelf life?

Answer:  Fruitcake


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