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Cool Math Puzzles for Kids to Sharpen their Cognitive Skills!

Math can be pretty fun if there are practical games and activities that the child can enjoy it with in place of cramming repetitive formulas or theories. There are some cool math puzzles that you can check out on the SKIDOS learning apps for your kids.

Learning by examples and personal references is always more effective than plain theory. If you try to teach your kids math concepts only from the textbook, they might get bored and disinterested. But the same concepts taught to them using live objects or fun games will have a different effect. It’s important to begin math learning at an early age because, let’s face it, they are concepts that will always be needed. And the sooner they begin to learn them, the better they will cope in school. We promise not to be boring, check out the cool math puzzles we’ve got!

Go Ball

Everyone likes a good challenge, including kids. This is a game that has multiple levels beginning with simple ones and moving on to complex, more challenging ones so that kids stay interested and keep applying their minds. There’s a jumbled maze that has to be unjumbled for the ball to pass through and reach the other end. Your child will enjoy trying to unjumble the maze as the levels keep getting tougher. Also, there are math and other mini-games that pop up on the screen after every level. So, while they are sharpening their analytical and problem-solving skills through the game, they’re also brushing up on their math.

Wake the Elephant

A physics game that’s hilarious and educational, Wake the Elephant is just what your child needs to enhance those math and physics skills. The aim of the game is to wake a sleeping elephant by solving physics puzzles that appear on the screen. Some tasks are easy and some are a little more challenging. The landscapes in the game are adorable and the game is available in 16 languages. Along with the physics puzzle, there are math and tracing mini-games, too, that will educate and entertain your child. Concepts like fractions, geometry, decimals along with basic concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are covered in this game.


If your child is a fan of transport vehicles, this game is sure to fascinate and educate them. It’s your all-in-one game that will keep them occupied, amuse them, and teach them a thing or two. Your child can choose from a number of trains and also choose a game mode – night, morning, etc. They’ve got to ride the train around and collect carriages while avoiding various obstacles that are in the path. The aim is to pay attention and pick up carriages that are of one color. By doing this, the carriages will disappear and the game can be continued. If carriages of various colors are picked up, the train will become too long for the arena and the game will end. It’s a fun game that has math puzzles after every level, and some jigsaw puzzles too that kids will love to solve.

SKIDOS develops games that are in check with global learning standards. We understand that parents want their kids to get a glimpse of various learning concepts at an early age so that they can cope socially and academically. Every child has a different learning pace, and so, parents can personalize the game and difficulty levels to suit their kids. There are over 40 learning apps that focus on various learning like math, logic, analytical thinking, and creativity. Explore them today and experience for yourself.


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