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Cool Multiplication Games for Kids

Jan 10, 2022

Most parents are always concerned about the lack of interest many kids have when it comes to the subject math. We have a bunch of multiplication games for kids at SKIDOS that are designed to make math fun instead of the enemy it’s perceived to be.

Everyone will agree that life is much easier when we can multiply numbers in our heads. When you’re buying something at the store, cooking, or even gardening, it becomes so effortless if you can just do those simple calculations mentally. Yes, there are calculators, but mastering the art of multiplication from an early age can come real handy all through life. Of course, it’s quite a drag to learn all those tables by heart, but when brought to the kids in the form of fun games, they are likely to grasp them super quickly. Keeping this in mind, we’ve curated some interesting and suitable multiplication games for kids that they can enjoy and learn easily. Let’s take a look at a few.

Polar Pong

Just like the Pong Game at the arcade, kids get to slide from one end to the other in this game too. Of course, there’s a little twist. Here, the kids have to pick a cute little character to slide in the game, and choose from a seal, penguin, reindeer, owl, or walrus. And while they slide, kids have got to make sure to avoid getting attacked and eaten by the polar bears. Throughout the game, there are multiplication and other smart math puzzles that keep popping up on the screen. Apart from the math revision, this game will also help in sharpening hand-eye coordination and concentration in your child.


This adventurous game is going to tap right into the vivid imagination of your kids. There are Vikings, an Axeman, kids’ favorite and it’s coupled with loads of learning. The Axeman, who is the main character, has a field of flowers to protect. The Vikings want to attack this field. It’s all very simple, kids just have got to help the Axeman fight the Vikings. And they can enjoy loads of power-ups, new spells, and explore the magical worlds as they advance in the game. There are mini-math games within it, focusing on multiplication, division, and other math concepts. And these games have varying difficulty levels so kids of all ages can enjoy them. It’s a challenging and fun game that parents should definitely get their kids to try.

Mountain Climber

This one can make kids set out on a little mountain climbing adventure that’s both fun and daring. Kids can run down the mountain or climb up the mountain, and avoid the obstacles that stand in their way. They can also collect coins throughout their journey to unlock new characters. And as the kids progress ahead in the game, new math puzzles will pop up, and they’ll get more challenging with every level they cross. It’s a great way for parents to get their kids to learn and practice key math concepts like multiplication, division, fractions, and geometry in a playful and organic manner.

Learning math at an early age is never going to go to waste and instead, will only have the most positive impact on kids. And when you have games and puzzles that will entertain as well as educate, why not! We’ve developed our games to adhere to the global learning standards. There’s also a dashboard in all the games for parents to track the progress of their child on a regular basis. The games have multiple difficulty levels so parents can gauge which one suits their kids the best. Kids can learn at their own pace and keep challenging themselves till they master the basic concepts of math with our 40+ learning game apps at SKIDOS.


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