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Keep Your Gadgets Clean with 10 Easy Steps during COVID

Mar 18, 2020

As per the American medical journal (2017), smartphones contain a host of bacteria & viruses. However, the report was not taken too seriously when released, however now that the the world is under the coronavirus pandemic, it’s time to keep your gadgets sanitized & clean. Here are 10 things to do & not to do in order to keep your phone clean:

1. Use disposable gloves whilst cleaning your smartphone(s) & tablet(s)

Keep Your Gadgets Clean

Keep Your Gadgets Clean

2. Apple says that spray cleaners shouldn’t be directly used to clean iPhones/iPads

Before proceeding with a deep cleaning, you should remove any media from the drive and turn off all connected devices and the computer. Then, disconnect all electrical sources such as batteries or power cords from the electrical outlet and disconnect all cables connected to the computer, to avoid unpleasant shock.

3. Do not use ‘straight’ alcohol to clean your smartphone

4. Use only disinfectant wipes that have 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean your smartphone

5. Use a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth, like a lens cleaning cloth

6. American telecom service provider AT&T says that paper towels can be used after spraying disinfectants on them

7. Do not dip your smartphone in any sort of liquid in order to do a ‘deep’ clean

8. Do not use any vinegar to clean your smartphone

9. Do not use any sort of bleach to clean your smartphone

Note that, in the way to keep your gadgets clean. Before diving into the ground, it is important not to panic buying upon seeing these ingredients. Most of them are used in small amounts. He says it is safe to use disinfectant wipes designed for the home / office and “some disinfectant wipes designed for medical purposes can cause discoloration, surface damage or even damage. damaged. affects the functionality of your device.

10. Ensure that you wash your hands with soap & water once you’ve cleaned your phone

Smartphones, & tablets are all excellent ways for your children to play, learn, & stay occupied so you can have a few quiet moments to yourself or with a loved one throughout the day. By taking the time to put a few safeguards in place, and remember to Keep Your Gadgets Clean, you can ensure that your kids are safe from bacteria & viruses.

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Image Sources: Google


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