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Creative Learning for Kids: 6 Fun Activities, Ideas

Jan 18, 2019
Curiosities , Education , Parenthood

1. Play fun learning games

Let’s be honest. Nobody really likes homework or boring games that look just like homework. Kids love to play fun games. Rather than merely producing clumsily camouflaged ‘gamified’ lessons, why not put the gaming experience first and then embed the education. The result? Educational games kids actually enjoy.  Find tips to pick actually fun and creative learning games here.

For preschoolers & kindergarten kids, you can start with simple games that help them learn the basics- numbers, colours and shapes. When a child is actively engaged with the game, their mind experiences the pleasure of learning a new system. You can adapt the cool math games for preschoolers.  Download the games on your phone or tablets.

2. Math Fun for Kids

Kids math games

Integrate math in their everyday activities. Start with grocery shopping, count the number of oranges your child helps you put in the grocery bag at the supermarket or the number of stairs you go up to the front door. You can start with small amounts and add a few as your child is ready for a challenge.

In the new digital age, you can also get some cool math games in the App Store for your kids to improve their math skills.

You can find some of the cool math games here.

3. Get creative from things at home

Encourage your child to make use of existing objects to create new ones is one of great suggestion for creative learning for kids.

For example, a cardboard sheet can turn into a telescope, tower, or person. A box of milk, an empty cake box can also become a phone or a homemade car, … At the same time, parents should not forget to praise their child’s ideas, praise them for having a good imagination.

4. Ask open-ended questions

The interaction of parents and caregivers is very important. Regularly ask your child open-ended questions to increase understanding and prompt him to have more ideas. Parents can ask their children questions like: What if … people can fly? If people live in the universe? If dolphins walk on the ground?

Let your baby practice thinking about doing something to improve the situation, for example: How can I clean the living room faster? How can you water your plants without watering? How to make the ball bounce higher?

Reading a book is a great opportunity for a child to improve their creativity. You can ask your child what could happen next or how the character is feeling, why …

If you are busy parents but still care about child-safety for you kids while them playing with tablet….

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