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Educational Games vs. Traditional Learning Methods: Which is More Effective?

Jul 4, 2023

Let’s compare educational games and traditional learning methods.

Today, educational games are changing how we learn. Instead of just using textbooks, screens are now part of the learning process. At SKIDOS, we create interactive and engaging learning games that make education enjoyable. Our learning games help kids develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity while unlocking their full potential.

What’s in this blog? 

What are the advantages of SKIDOS educational games compared to traditional learning methods?


  • Active Engagement: We actively involve kids in the learning process, making it interactive and enjoyable.
  • Motivation and Enjoyment: We tap into kids’ love for play, keeping them motivated and making learning a fun experience.
  • Personalized Learning: We adapt to each kids’ needs, providing personalized experiences that cater to their learning style and pace.
  • Practical Application: We simulate real-life situations, allowing kids to apply their knowledge and develop critical thinking skills.
  • Collaboration and Social Interaction: Our games promote teamwork and social skills development through collaboration with other players.
  • Regular Feedback: Kids receive regular feedback with our learning games, allowing them to assess their performance and make necessary adjustments.
  • Multimodal Learning: We incorporate visuals, audio, and interactive elements, catering to different learning styles and making learning more engaging.

Educational games spark a lifelong passion for knowledge in kids, revolutionizing the way they learn.

How do educational games contribute to skill-building for the future?

Educational games play a crucial role in preparing kids for a successful future by developing essential skills. Let’s explore how these games contribute to skill development.

  1. Critical Thinking and Decision Making: Learning games promote analytical thinking, problem-solving, and making sound decisions.
  2. Collaboration:  Learning games cultivate teamwork and communication skills through cooperative play.
  3. Digital Literacy:  Learning games enhance literacy in using technology and navigating digital environments.
  4. Adaptability:  Learning games teach kids to adjust and adapt to changing situations and challenges.
  5. Creativity:  Learning games inspire imaginative thinking and foster innovation.

How do SKIDOS learning games contribute to your kids’ learning journey?

SKIDOS learning games transform kids’ learning journeys with a playful approach. Our curriculum aligns with educational standards. Our personalized experience fosters skill development, making learning engaging and effective. With exciting games, interactive features, and parental involvement, we revolutionize the way kids learn, making it enjoyable and tailored to kids’ needs.

Check out these 3 fantastic SKIDOS learning games that will supercharge your kids’ learning journey!

1) Numbers Town 

Numbers Town is a vibrant world of imagination where biscuit animals find cozy spots, popsicle stick cars are skillfully crafted, and pasta trees are beautifully adorned. This is designed for 5-year-olds, everyday items become tools for learning math skills.

Skills Learned: Critical Thinking, Decision Making, and Basic Math Concepts

Download Numbers Town on iOS 

2) Street Soccer 

Get ready for an epic adventure created for math-savvy soccer fanatics! This cool educational game takes your kid on an exhilarating street match in breathtaking locations around the world. Brace yourselves to kick goals, unleash your skills, and master lightning-fast math tricks.

Skills Learned: Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Basic Math Concepts

Download Street Soccer on iOS

3) Superstore 

Discover the delightful world of SKIDOS Superstore! Let your kids join in an exciting shopping adventure where they solve math puzzles with a simple tap. With engaging challenges, the fun is limitless!

Skills learned: Social skills and Collaboration. 

Download Super Store on iOS or Android

The Way Forward

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