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Explore Free Learning Apps for Kids to Enrich Young Minds

Nov 26, 2021
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Free learning apps for kids are a great starting point for your kids to explore online learning. These apps allow you to select content based on your kids’ interests, needs, and age. Paid learning apps provide high-quality learning content for kids. They are set in a secure and ad-free virtual environment. They cater to each kid’s grade and age level which makes their learning experience fun.

The demand for learning apps for kids has been rising in the past couple of years. Especially because of the new needs created by the pandemic. Also, the concept of distance learning is getting more popular. The number of parents choosing to homeschool kids, especially in the US, is also on the rise. Hence, parents look for free alternatives as a start. On Appstore, you can find different options for free learning apps for kids. You can also find them with a Google search.

Reasons Parents Look for Free Learning Apps for Kids

You might look for free learning apps for your kids for many reasons other than cost savings. Exploration phase is the primary factor when it comes to looking for learning apps. At this stage, you might still not be sure about what kind of learning content your kid needs. Hence, you can free learning apps for kids to test out different options and select which ones suit them. Another reason for considering learning apps is age-appropriate content. You choose apps that teach basic concepts like numbers, or letters to your toddlers. While you might look for apps that focus on advanced math, or foreign languages for your older kids. These apps help enhance your kids’ knowledge and skills in specific areas.

Free learning apps for kids will help you understand their effectiveness. It will allow you to make an informed decision about investing in paid learning apps. You will also know whether they are aligning with your kids’ learning needs. Let’s have a look at some common reasons why paid learning games are better for your kids in the long term:

1. High-Quality Content: Paid learning games often offer high-quality content compared to free alternatives. Educational experts design these games ensuring a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. Paid games often provide more in-depth knowledge, and educational value. They offer a higher level of academic success rate.

2. Personalized Learning: Paid learning games have tailored learning content. It’s designed as per your kids’ needs and requirements. These games adapt to your kids’ progresses. They provide timely feedback and offer customized challenges. These challenges ensure the best learning outcomes. This personalized approach helps your kids stay focused and engaged. These games motivate your kids to tackle learning objectives at their own pace.

3. Enhanced Features and Support: Paid learning games come with more unique features. They include progress tracking, detailed reports, and parental control options. These features will help you track your kids’ progresses, and identify their strengths. They provide the necessary support and guidance to your kids.

4. Ad-Free and Safe Environment: Paid learning games provide an ad-free and safe environment. Your kids can focus on the learning content without any concerns.

5. Continuous Updates and Expansion: Paid learning games regularly update their learning content. This gives a fresh and evolving educational experience to your kids. They include new content, features, and improvements. This keeps the learning journey up-to-date with the latest educational standards and trends.

Some Popular Free Learning Apps for Kids

Many free learning apps for kids are not tailored to every kids’ age and grade level as compared to the paid ones. Some of the most used learnings apps include:

1. Lingokids offers a collection of English songs, videos, audiobooks, and interactive language exercises. The free version comes with a daily limit.

2. GoNoodle offers movement and mindfulness videos. This acts as a substitute for kids’ gym classes at school.

3. Beanstalk offers interactive classes for kids between the age of 1.5-6 years old. Experienced teachers take these interactive classes.

4. Classroom Cereal helps young learners improve their grammar. They use free downloadable exercises and stories to teach grammar.

Struggles with Choosing Free Learning Apps

The free apps come with certain limitations that you have to deal with. Most of the free learning apps have ads and display inappropriate content to kids. This makes it hard for you to trust the kids using those on their own, without any supervision. Moreover, often the free tag is a lure to attract parents to start using them. And later on, you have to invest money to upgrade new settings or unlock more levels. Also, these free apps can be rather uninteresting after a point and outdated in content.

These apps are not tailored to your kids’ learning needs. There are many limitations of free learning apps for kids. You should consider other options for your kids’ learning journey. You can explore paid alternatives or find reputable learning resources. Make sure they suit your kids’ learning needs and interests. This will help with a personalized and effective learning experience.

Why Choose SKIDOS Learning Games?

We have an extensive collection of 40+ learning games for your kids. These games include over 1000 teacher-designed learning activities. This is why they are an excellent choice for your kids. These games include subjects like math and English making learning engaging and fun. They also teach kids 21st-century skills needed to survive in the future. With such a variety of games, kids can explore and learn at their own pace.

This ensures a personalized learning experience that suits your kids’ individual needs. We have a unique feature that stands outs from the rest. You can create up to 6 profiles for kids of different ages with one SKIDOS Pass or account. This allows you to set the learning level for the games as per each of your kids’ grades and age levels. Whether your kid is a preschooler or a primary school student, we have age-appropriate games for all.

The tailored learning content challenges and supports their learning journeys. At SKIDOS, your kids’ safety means everything. We focus on offering a safe and ad-free environment for your kids. You can relax knowing that your kids are engaging with learning content. They will not be exposed to unwanted advertisements or harmful online elements. We create a secure space for your kids where they can explore, learn and have fun. Your kids will make the most of their learning experience without any distractions


SKIDOS’s interactive learning games for kids are designed for 2 – 11-year-olds & are aligned with their academic objectives. With our educational games, guide your children to become confident learners in math, coding, & reading. Introduce them to 21st-century skills that will help them prepare for a brighter future. With easy-to-access weekly reports, you can keep an eye on their progress, too. 

With a SKIDOS Pass, you get the best value of:

  • 48+ Learning games 
  • 1000+ fun activities for your kids
  • 6 players in 1 account
  • Cancel anytime
  • Learning Progress Tracking
  • And no third-party advertising