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First Grade Math Vocabulary: How To Teach It To Kids?

Nov 3, 2020
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Are your kids ready to dive into the exciting world of first grade math vocabulary? We’re here to make it an adventure filled with fun, friendliness and simplicity. So grab the thinking caps and let’s embark on a journey through numbers, shapes and more!

First grade math vocabulary covers:

Number and Operations in Base Ten Words:

1. Number: Let’s start with the basics! A number is like a secret code that tells your kids how much of something there is. Imagine numbers as magical keys to unlock math mysteries.

2. Place Value: Imagine your house address. Each part of the address has a special place, right? Numbers work similarly! Place value is all about where a number’s digits are located, whether it’s in the ones, tens, or hundreds place. A cool way to teach numbers to kids right?

3. Digit: Digits are the little symbols (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9) that combine to make any number your kids can think of. It’s like using LEGO blocks to build numbers!

first grade math vocabulary

Geometry Words:

1. Shape: Shapes are like building blocks of everything around us! Squares, triangles etc, are like puzzle pieces that fit together to create the world.

2. Corner: Also called a vertex, it’s where two lines meet to form an angle. Picture the corner of a book – that’s a corner in math too!

3. Pattern: Ever noticed how tiles on the floor repeat in a sequence? That’s a pattern! Math patterns are like cool designs that repeat over and over.

First Grade Math Vocabulary Worksheet Prinatble Shapes

Operations and Algebraic Thinking Words:

1. Addition: This is all about bringing things together! Just like adding candies to a jar, we can add numbers to find the total.

2. Subtraction: When you take something away from your kids, you’re using subtraction. Imagine they have a basket of apples and you eat one – that’s subtraction in action.

3. Equal: When two things are the same in size or value, they are equal. It’s like saying a big scoop of ice cream is equal to two small scoops.

Measurement and Data Words:

1. Measure: To measure is to find out how big or small something is. Just like measuring how tall your kids’ve grown since last year. We can measure the length, weight, and even time!

2. Length: How long something is. It’s like measuring how far your kids’ toy car can zoom across the floor.

3. Weight: How heavy something is. Think about comparing the weight of a feather to a rock – which one is lighter?

first grade math vocabulary

Making First Grade Math Vocabulary Learning Fun:

1. Math Games: Turn learning into a game. Counting toys or measuring ingredients for a recipe can be exciting activities.

2. Storytelling: Create fun stories that involve numbers and shapes. How about a journey where characters meet triangles, and circles along the way?

3. Art and Crafts: Use crafts to explore shapes and measurements. Cut out different shapes from colored paper and create a masterpiece!

first grade math vocabulary

Learning first grade math vocabulary with SKIDOS

Remember, math is all around us. These math vocabulary words are like discovering the keys to a secret code. So keep exploring, keep asking questions, and keep having a blast with first-grade math!

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