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Friendship Day: How Learning Games Can Be Your Kid’s Study Buddy?

Jul 29, 2023

Do your kids always keep fussing over doing their homework and consider studying their sworn enemies? To blossom a new friendship between study and your kids, learning games for kids will help glue them together like two peas in a pod. Friendship is considered to be one of the most memorable days for everyone. It is a special day when everyone cherishes their bond with their friends. On this day, we want to celebrate the bond between your kids and their favorite study buddies- learning games. 

Our learning games for kids will help them make long-lasting friendships. They impart skills like collaboration, teamwork, empathy and more! These skills help them develop the social skills required to make friends in school and their neighborhood. In this blog, let’s understand how our learning games can become your kids’ favorite study buddies!

Learning games for kids are your little ones’ coolest friends! Want to know how?

Our learning games for kids are not just ordinary tools; they become your little ones’ coolest BFFs on their academic journey! Our interactive games blend education with entertainment, creating a fun and engaging learning experience. We as study buddies go beyond the classroom, ensuring that learning becomes a seamless and delightful adventure for your kids! Let’s look at some features that make our learning games fun and engaging for kids. 

1) Learning made fun: 

Gone are the days when studying meant sitting at a desk for hours with a pile of books. Our educational games transform traditional learning into interactive experiences. They are created to present educational content in a fun and engaging way. This helps in capturing your kids’ attention and sparking their curiosity. With interactive gameplay, they absorb valuable knowledge and effective learning. Here is one of our educational games that will help develop a love for learning in your kids.

SKIDOS Animal Care 

Your kids will be excited about this educational game. Here your little ones can be friends with fluffy and cute animals waiting to be taken care of. Your kids can practice math and abcs while taking care of their virtual furry friends. This role-playing game for kids will help them learn empathy and responsibility. It will also teach them social skills that will help them build strong friendships with their peers. 

In this game, they can bathe and groom their furry friends. They can feed them yummy treats during snack time. To treat their injuries, your little ones will have to take these cute animals to the vet for treatment. This game helps in your little ones’ holistic development. Join these furry friends to learn, make friends and have fun in this cute game! 

Skills learned: Math, English, Empathy and Responsibility

Download SKIDOS Animal Care on iOS

2) Personalized Learning Experience

We believe that each kid comes with their own unique set of strengths and qualities. We are here to help and empower these strengths with our learning games for kids. We want kids of all ages to enjoy our learning games hence we have created tailored educational content for all. This personalized approach helps kids make a study buddy who understands and supports their entire learning journey. All our learning games have tailored educational content that helps empower your kids’ strengths. Here is a learning game that includes tailored learning content for all age groups. 


Meet the friendly family from our SKIDOS world in this learning game for kids. They want to welcome your little ones into their cozy house. Your kids’ imaginative minds will explore, create and play stories in this virtual dollhouse. This cute house has four floors including- a living room, kitchen, garage, backyard, bathroom, kids’ room and more! Your kids will be introduced to 10 different characters including their favorite pets. 

All the rooms carefully resemble real-life environments so that your tiny tots can develop social skills. Your kids can learn how to collaborate with these cute characters in the learning game. This game has hundreds of friendship day activities inside it like fixing a car in the garage, cooking a tasty burger, feeding a baby and more! Along with these fun activities, your kids will also practice Math and English through interactive puzzles added inside the game. This learning game will surely make your kids’ friendship day super special!

Skills learned: Math, English, Collaboration, Team Work

Download SKIDOS House on iOS or Android 

3) Seamless Interactive Learning & Critical Thinking:

As parents, you might often think that gaming is more or less a leisure activity for kids. You pray often that it doesn’t overshadow academics, right? With our learning games, we ensure that all of our games integrate the perfect learning content for your kids. While playing our games with excitement,  they absorb educational content effortlessly blurring the lines between study and learning. This makes their learning experience joyful. 

Adding learning games into their study routine encourages critical thinking. Our learning games include puzzles and challenges that require a certain set of skills. These skills include critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. As your little ones continue playing our games, they keep developing their cognitive abilities. These are essential for academic success and practical problem solving in the real world. Here is a learning game that offers seamless interactive learning experiences: 

SKIDOS Hospital Lab 

SKIDOS Hospital Lab is the perfect study buddy for your kids. This interactive educational game helps your kids make virtual medical buddies! In this game, they can explore the hospital lab and cure patients from virus infections. This helps your little ones learn empathy and responsibility. Your kids can choose to play scientists or assist the medical staff in the hospital lab. They can experiment with bacteria in the science lab. This game has multiple scenes like- science lab, hospital lab, medical center and more! 

With the unique role play in this game, your kids will learn how to use masks, hand disinfectants and vaccines in a fun and engaging way. They can be friends with cute robots in this game. Here they can learn all about hygiene and play mini-games too! While exploring this medical wonderland, they can also practice and sharpen their math skills.

Skills learned: Math, Hygiene, Responsibility, Empathy 

Download SKIDOS Hospital Lab on iOS

Learning games will be your kids’ best friends for life!

Our learning games also have other features like inclusive avatars and more that help them express themselves freely. If your kids are exposed to a positive learning environment, they will thrive academically as well as socially. There can be no other better study buddy than learning games for your kids! 

SKIDOS World has a collection of 40+ completely ad-free and safe learning games for your little ones. With a SKIDOS Pass, they can play new games every month, get added bonus of 25 online games, solve 1000+ teacher-designed learning activities and more! That’s not it, they can also watch unlimited educational videos and you can create up to 6 player profiles with just one SKIDOS Pass! It’s time to begin your kids’ fun learning journey with SKIDOS! But hey, we’re not done yet – we want to hear your best back-to-school readiness tips and favorite SKIDOS games! Join our Instagram and Twitter community to chat about it some more!


SKIDOS’s interactive learning games for kids are designed for 2 – 11-year-olds & are aligned with their academic objectives. With our educational games, guide your children to become confident learners in math, coding, & reading. Introduce them to 21st-century skills that will help them prepare for a brighter future. With easy-to-access weekly reports, you can keep an eye on their progress, too. 

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