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How Educational Games Support Different Learning Styles and Abilities?

Jul 7, 2023

4 learning styles that make learning effortless for kids

In this ever-evolving world, every kid embarks on a personal journey of discovery, uncovering their unique learning styles and abilities. As parents, it’s crucial to recognize the depth of these learning styles and guide our little ones toward their shining zones. Luckily, we have a powerful tool at our disposal: educational games. These transformative digital experiences provide tailored opportunities for kids to thrive in their preferred learning styles, unlocking their full potential. Here, we will explore how educational games can nurture your kids’ specific learning styles, enabling them to succeed and flourish.

Every kid has a unique learning style, and as parents, it’s our job to support and nurture their individual needs. Discover the different learning styles and how SKIDOS learning games can help. Let’s uncover the secrets of your kids’ learning styles and unlock their full potential!

4 learning styles that can make your kids’ learning effortless

1) Visual Learning Style

  • Visual learners in kids learn best through seeing and visualizing concepts.
  • Learning games with engaging visuals like graphics, animations, and illustrations are ideal for visual learners.
  • These games offer opportunities for visual learners to explore virtual worlds, engage in interactive simulations, and solve visual puzzles.
  • Immersing themselves in visually rich experiences helps visual learners improve their understanding and spatial awareness.

SKIDOS Doctor is a fantastic learning game for visual learners. It offers interactive activities like treating flu, fixing earaches, caring for teeth, doing X-rays, and cleaning wounds. With vibrant visuals, visual learners can understand how to use tools like thermometers and plasters and brush their teeth. The game also includes math puzzles to boost critical thinking. It’s a fun way for visual learners to develop problem-solving skills and have a great time!

Download Doctor on iOS or Android 

2) Auditory and Linguistic Learning Style

Auditory Learners:

  • Learn best through sound.
  • Benefit from games with narration, music, and sound effects.
  • Enhance listening skills and absorb information through audio stimulation.

Linguistic Learners:

  • Thrive in language-related activities.
  • Improve reading comprehension, vocabulary, and language skills.

SKIDOS Bakery is a fun kindergarten learning game for those who love baking. It helps auditory learners by reading out letters and associating them with objects. This improves letter sounds and vocabulary. Linguistic learners benefit from this audio-visual connection, which enhances language development. With engaging gameplay and audio support, SKIDOS Bakery makes learning letters and vocabulary enjoyable for kids as they bake in a virtual world.

Download Bakery from iOS and Android

3) Logical Learning Style

  • Logical learners thrive on logical reasoning, patterns, and problem-solving.
  • Encourage logical reasoning skills in a fun and engaging way.
  • Strategy games and puzzle-based learning tools are particularly beneficial.
  • Stimulate logical learners’ minds and allow them to apply problem-solving skills.

SKIDOS Numbers Town is a math learning game that benefits logical learners by promoting critical thinking, problem-solving, and mathematical awareness. Through engaging activities and creative challenges, this game enhances logical reasoning skills while making math fun and accessible. It’s a perfect choice for puzzle-loving and imaginative kindergarteners to explore and develop their logical thinking abilities.

Download Numbers Town on iOS

4) Kinesthetic Learning Style 

  • Learn best through physical activities and hands-on experiences.
  • Educational games cater to their learning style.
  • Provide an interactive and immersive environment.
  • Encourage movement and physical engagement.

SKIDOS Brainy City is perfect for kinesthetic learners. It offers an exciting adventure where kids help animals navigate a busy city while improving their math skills. By incorporating physical movements and quick thinking, this game provides a hands-on learning experience. As kids collect coins, unlock characters, and pass math skill tests, they actively apply their math skills interactively and engagingly. It’s an adventurous game that promotes kinesthetic learning and math improvement.

Download Brainy City on iOS or Android


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