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How these games can make your child’s upbringing better?

Jul 21, 2023

Most parents struggle to manage their child’s learning and fun together. Parents struggle to recognize what’s correct and most crucial for the growth of the young mind due to the stress and confusion our already chaotic lifestyles cause, as well as the numerous challenges of raising kids.

There is a very common perception that online gaming is thought to have a negative effect on kids’ development. There are many complex reasons why this may be the case, but it is also logical, given the greatest aspects of game-based learning.

The psychological and emotional environments of a child have a significant influence on his or her growth and development. A child’s physical surroundings can have a big impact on their interests and activities, but their mental and emotional surroundings will shape how they engulf themselves as they grow older.

What is essential?

It is essential to remember that the atmosphere you establish for children throughout their learning period is the atmosphere they will unknowingly start engaging in throughout their lives. Additionally, it’s an excellent idea to keep things diversified.

So, the question is how can games be helpful for parents to make their child’s upbringing better?

Many of you must be aware of the fact that social life and education play a major role in the upbringing of children, but did you know that playing games can also play a major role in making your child’s upbringing better?

Do you know early exposure to subjects, topics, activities, and hobbies is essential for developing children’s intellect?

Kids who play educational games can concurrently explore and learn a variety of subjects. It is a commonly established fact that kids who play educational games have the ability to develop skills based on their learning levels, as they are more likely to solve a problem earlier. These kids are more capable analytically, and their thoughts are rational.

Initial childhood is a stage when the brain develops rapidly, as stated by a study conducted by Mills in the year 2016. 

These improvements are linked to a broad spectrum of cognitive developments and are related to personality behaviors. This indicates that our brains are still structurally developing. These neural networks get more sophisticated with the aid of games, which raise EQs (emotional, social, and logical quotients).

Games help children develop analytical and critical thinking skills. The ability to think assists children in preparing, implementing, arranging, and completing projects.

Logical Skills Development Games for Children to Improve Thinking and Reasoning

Here are some enjoyable, interactive, and educational games for children that will assist your child in growing into a quick learner:

1. Doctor Games by SKIDOS is a game that allows children to put themselves in the shoes of doctors and learn about their profession. Thereby, educational games foster emotion and curiosity, which in turn generate intellectual capacity in children.

2. Go Ball is an aptly challenging game in which kids must move the panels to construct a path for the ball to roll toward the other end. Puzzle-solving boosts resilience in children while instructing them to carry on through more tricky puzzles.

3. Runners, an educational game for preschoolers, includes fast-paced action. In this game, kids have to smash unhealthy foods while running. This makes them aware of unhealthy foods and the importance of healthy foods at the same time.  

 Kids can improve their hand-eye coordination by playing games that enable them to learn and enhance their knowledge. Aside from using them in games, many of the skills that children develop while playing games are also used in the real world.

4. Bakery introduces kids to a kid-friendly yet realistic kitchen. Hence, making them experience baking a cake and, after each activity, assigning a fun task of solving a math problem based on their learning ability.

– SKIDOS is on a mission to make learning a fun, interesting, and enjoyable experience. It introduces educational games to kids of all ages.

Our objective is to bring together learning and fun.

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What does your kid get?

Preschoolers and toddlers can enhance their learning through educational games in a wide range of ways-

– Explore and learn about various subjects.

–  Get to enrich their knowledge by learning.

–  Develop cognitive and analytical skills.

–  And have a joyful and fun learning experience!



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