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How To Stay Away From Stress At Home

Apr 22, 2021

4 Months into 2021 & the words ‘Covid’ & ‘Corona’ are still at the tip of our tongues. Having battled the virus for more than a year, we had to learn, unlearn & re-learn many things. Now the onus is upon us to take care of our mental & physical well-being & come out of this stronger.

By now we’ve all heard the common practices of practicing social distancing, keeping our masks up & using sanitizers whenever possible. Now let us take you through these tips you can use to avoid stress in such times:

Relax, Rejuvenate, Recharge

 The three Rs are a trusted way of beating stress. Every day, take time out of your day to relax. You can do so by sitting in your favorite spot with a cup of hot coffee, or by reading that book you’ve been planning to read for so long. You need to recharge yourself by doing things you enjoy in order to keep your energy levels & productivity high.

Send Work Stress Back To The Office

With work from home being the norm, many parents have experienced that their work-life balance is being hampered. In the current scenario when offices are closed, work stress can affect the personal lives of the people working from home. To fight it, always try to keep your mind engaged with something positive. Focus on spending time with your family, games can be an amazing stressbuster!

Take A Break From Social Media

 With negative news going on all around the world, it’s best to take a break from social media when you are overwhelmed with information. Spend time with the kids, cook a special meal for your family or watch a movie to focus on the more important things.

We hope you keep staying positive & testing negative!


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