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Limit Screen Time for Kids: 4 simple ways, tips [Expert Advice]

Jul 29, 2019
Education , Parenthood

At a time when technology and social media are slowly replacing human interactions, it is crucial to limit screen time for kids or limit media consumption for children. For kids, tablets and phones are a part of their life, even more so than their friends. This is why parents need to keep tabs on how often their kids are glued to them. Especially since summer vacations have arrived, the daily school routine goes haywire, and there’s more and more of playing games on their tablets or watching TV.

How do I reduce screen time for kids

Since the lack of routine makes it hard to keep track of screen time, parents worry about how much is too much and how they can manage it. The key here is balance, so we’ve compiled a few creative ways to limit screen time for your kids.

1. Encourage playing outdoors

Even though there is plenty of educational games online that kids love and adore, parents need to ensure that they have just as much fun playing any other sport outdoors. And don’t worry, sports are a great way to keep your children engaged in the learning process, so they don’t lose any skills they picked up in school by Create “Technology-Free Zones”. How?

Establish zones in your house where electronics simply are not allowed—whether it’s cell phones, handheld video games, or laptops. 3 One example is your home’s dining room or kitchen, which you could keep reserved for having meals and family conversations.

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Set aside times for your whole family to unplug from their technological devices

Dinnertime or an hour before bedtime are two examples. When you all agree to set aside your devices, it gives your family the opportunity to spend thoughtful, quality time together will help limit screen time for your kids easily.

However, these days during quarantine, turn outdoor and indoor sports into fun safety math games for kids by having to keep track of the score out loud and add or subtract the digits.

Should parents limit their child's screen time

2. Art and craft

If you want your children to get in touch with their creative side, handing them colouring sheets and crayons is the first step. Ask them to make greeting cards, crafts, and DIY projects for their friends and family members for birthdays and holidays.

Kids are mesmerized by this color and this simple operation can be easily set up without any special widgets. Simply grab some colored paper, scissors and PVA glue. You can also take old magazines and cut them into different pieces (kids can do the same), then use them to build mosaic art! If you want to use a kit, that’s great too.

Teach them about different shapes and objects around them by drawing them out by Coloring Book Games. Parents can also make up ABC games to familiarise them with the alphabet and after their kids have named each letter, they must draw something that begins with it.

Limit screen time for kids

3. Indulge in co-curricular activities

It is important to teach children that learning doesn’t always have to take place within the four walls of a classroom. Parents should enroll their children in dance, music or self-defense classes so they can spend their spare time developing new skills. It will also build their self-esteem and foster a sense of responsibility and accountability in them.

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Children can join a book club to improve their reading skills as well as stimulate their imagination, and who knows, they might be an author in the making. When they come across a word they don’t understand, have them spell it out and encourage them to check the meaning in the dictionary. By turning these activities into fun spelling games for kids, you will make it easier for them to retain the spelling and meaning of the words.

Weekend outings to limit screen time for your kids

4. Weekend outings to limit screen time for your kids

The more time you spend with your children, the more they’ll appreciate relationships and connections. Family time can involve activities like organising a picnic in the park or coaching the junior league games, which will help build a bond with your children. Teach your kids valuable life lessons out in the woods by taking them for a camping trip. What’s more, this will not only allow children to unplug from technology but also grow independent to help limit screen time for kids.

Well, with these fun activities to involve in, there is so much you can do to make sure your children don’t stay hooked to their tablets. And when they do, let them indulge in some fun and engaging learning games at

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