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Play Therapy for Kids

Jan 29, 2022

Increasingly, there is a gradual shift in the world in the social behavior and emotions of people. This can be attributed to many factors such as lesser opportunities for social interaction, inability to express emotions freely resulting in suppressed feelings, hectic schedules or competitiveness etc. Kids, in particular, are seen to be facing a number of social-emotional issues from an early age itself that is posing many problems in their holistic development. In most cases, it is not any particular disorder as such but just a need to be able to communicate & express their thoughts & feelings and to be understood by someone. Therapy can prove to be immensely beneficial in such situations with play therapy for kids being one of the best & simplest forms of therapy.

Play therapy may seem like a simple play time with kids but it is a lot more than that. It is a therapy tool used by many therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists around the globe. While play therapy for kids can be a great way for experts to understand their problems better and get a deeper insight into their mind, it can also benefit kids in many ways. These sessions are often regulated by child experts, who are well-trained to handle kids and understand their ways. Let’s take a quick look at some of the key benefits of play therapy for kids.

Key Benefits of Play Therapy

Developing problem-solving skills

Play therapy for kids can come in really handy to teach kids some useful problem-solving skills, starting with explaining the basic concept of what problem-solving is and how it works. By solving some age-specific puzzles, building blocks, playing some suitable board games or role-playing activities, kids can understand & practice problem-solving in easy & natural ways.

Easing out anxiety issues

For anyone, keeping oneself busy with something they like is often very therapeutic and calming. While many adults find painting or cleaning relaxing, kids can easily derive such calming benefits from play therapy sessions. There are many soothing activities for kids that can help ease out their anxiety or restlessness etc. in the form of games or playing with toys. Sometimes just quality time with a few kind words/ actions can do the trick.

Learning to express emotions better

Kids may often find it hard to express how they feel, what they think in a free manner, even with parents. There could be hesitations or their self-imposed restraints for several reasons. Play therapy for kids helps bring out those hidden emotions in a positive, organic way without being tough on kids. They may not even realise they are holding on to feelings that will open up naturally by play.

Learning about new things/ concepts organically

Kids have been stuck at home, given the recent scenarios and may not have gotten many learning opportunities outside of school curriculum. In their play time with experts, they are likely to gain knowledge about new things or even learn some new good habits. Play therapy for kids can benefit them to explore learning while playing in a stress-free zone.

Better regulation of social behavior

Spending time in play therapy with an expert or especially if it’s in a group with other kids can offer a great social exposure to kids. They can learn to react differently and regulate their social behavior better. There are also some meaningful online games that teach kids about connecting with other individuals and help learn good social skills.

Techniques for Play Therapy

Even though play therapy for kids can be experimented on kids of all age-groups, it is usually used for kids of 3-11 years of age. And naturally, the techniques vary as per the age and interests of different kids. However, there are some commonly used techniques or ideas for play therapy for kids adopted by the experts. These include engaging activities like creative visualization, role-playing, storytelling, playing with toys such as puppets, stuffed animals, dolls/ action figures etc. There can also be some other options like arts & crafts activities, water & sand play, block toys construction like Legos, music & dance rehearsals and a lot more.

Meanwhile, parents can take help of online learning games that are a perfect mix of fun & learning. SKIDOS has a wide range of meaningful games for kids, customized as per their age & interests. These games help kids connect with characters, learn new things, revise their lessons as well as better understand social-emotional behavior in a natural way by subtly observing game scenarios or through role-playing games. Explore SKIDOS apps today to give your kids a starting point in play learning.


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