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Puzzles for 9 Year Olds

Feb 26, 2022

Stimulating Puzzles for 9-Year-Olds!

There are many puzzles for 9-year-olds on the SKIDOS learning apps, ones that will help your kids apply their minds and become creative thinkers and problem solvers. Check them out for a stimulating experience for your kids.

Kids have to balance so much as they get older. By the time they are in 4th grade, they have figured out some interests and hobbies that they enjoy but are also curious about exploring and learning new things. Apart from that, they have to attend school, complete their homework, spend some time with their friends, and have a little bit of fun with family too. In the midst of all this, it’s nice to have a few games through which they can have a relaxing play time. Games should be such which are enjoyable and also have their minds running. We’ve got some fun puzzles for 9-year-olds at SKIDOS that will challenge them and retain their interest effortlessly.

Go Ball

We’ve added a spin to the classic maze game so that your child enjoys it even more. Instead of finding the way out of the maze, the maze is jumbled in this game. So your child has to create the maze first in order for the ball to get to the other end. There’s a bit of logical reasoning and problem-solving skills that need to be put to use to get through these levels. As your child proceeds in the game, the levels will get more challenging so that they continue to apply their minds and remain interested in the game. There are also a bunch of math puzzles that pop up after every level. It’s a great game to keep those brain cells working hard and strengthen their analytical skills in turn.

Wake the Elephant

Here’s a game that you will enjoy, too, along with your child; one that requires creative and analytical thinking. The game focuses on solving physics puzzles to wake a sleeping elephant. It’s got hilarious animation and landscapes that will leave your child entertained and engaged for a long time. There are over 110 levels that have varying difficulty levels so that children with all kinds of learning paces and abilities can enjoy. Apart from the main physics puzzles of the game, there are many mini-games as well that focus on math and coding.

Hungry Cat

This game, too, has a number of physics puzzles your child has to solve to complete a level. There’s a cat that needs to be fed, and to get the food to the cat, there are tasks and puzzles that need to be completed. The landscape keeps changing to various countries, so your child can get a glimpse of Egypt, New York, China, France, and many more exciting places. Also, along with simple and basic math puzzles, there are also puzzles focusing on advanced math for your 9-year-old. They will learn concepts like decimals, fractions, and geometry, among others.

We’ve got 40+ learning apps at SKIDOS for kids of all age groups. There are loads of options for your 4th grader apart from the ones mentioned above. These games are created by professional educators who understand the need for children to be engaged in stimulating learning games. For your convenience, there’s multi-language support and a dashboard that tracks the progress of the child. Go ahead and explore all these exciting games for yourself.


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