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38+ Christmas Poems For Kids & Family 🔔

Nov 6, 2020

The holiday season is here and what better way to spread joy and warmth than with the magic of Christmas poems? The season of cozying up by the fireplace with your family is here. These delightful Christmas poems for kids are perfect for creating cherished memories. From playful reindeer to twinkling lights, let’s dive into the world of rhymes that will light up your holiday spirit!

10 Christmas Poems For Kids To Welcome The Season of Joy:

1. Jingle All the Way:

Jingle bells, jingle bells, with cheer we sing, Sleigh bells ring, making our hearts take wing! Through snow and frost, we laugh and sway, Merrily celebrating the joy of Christmas Day!

2. Santa’s Workshop:

In Santa’s workshop, a magical sight, Elves work hard through day and night. With toys and gifts, they fill the sleigh, For Santa to deliver on his grand holiday display!

3. Reindeer Games:

Rudolph leads the reindeer with his glowing nose, Through starry skies where Christmas magic flows. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen too, They race through the night, spreading joy anew!

4. Snowflake Wishes:

Snowflakes fall, so pure and white, Covering the world in a blanket of delight. Each one unique, a tiny work of art, Capturing the essence of Christmas from the start.

5. Gingerbread Delights:

Gingerbread houses, sweet and neat, Decorated with gumdrops and treats. In a land of sugar and spice so merry, Children’s laughter fills the air like a cherry!

6. Twinkling Lights:

Lights twinkle on trees so tall, Transforming night into a magical hall. Red, green, and gold shine bright, Guiding us through the winter night.

7. Stockings by the Fireplace:

Hanging stockings by the fire’s warm embrace, Hoping Santa will visit this special place. Filled with goodies and gifts galore, Christmas morning joy, we can’t ignore!

8. The Nutcracker’s Dance:

Toy soldiers march, the nutcracker leads, A magical ballet of enchanting deeds. With leaps and spins, they tell their tale, A holiday tradition that will never fail.

9. Starry Night:

Under the starry Christmas sky so clear, Families gather with those they hold dear. With love and laughter, we unite, Celebrating the season’s pure delight.

10. Wishing You:

In this season of love and glee, We wish you joy under the tree. May your days be merry and your heart be light, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a festive night!

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10 Christmas Poems For Kids Celebrating This Magical Holiday

1. Santa’s Sneaky Snacks:

Santa loves his cookies, it’s true, Milk and treats, left just for you. But one Christmas Eve, a secret plan, Santa swapped cookies for a carrot, oh man!

2. Frosty Friends:

Snowmen stand with snowy grace, Carrot noses and smiles on their face. In the cold they laugh and play, Winter’s friends in a snowy ballet.

3. The Christmas Star:

Up in the sky, shining bright, A star guides us through the night. It led the wise men long ago, To a manger where love would grow.

4. Puppies in Santa Hats:

Puppies in Santa hats, tails a-wag, Chasing snowflakes, not a single drag. With joy in their hearts and mischief in their eyes, They spread holiday cheer under snowy skies.

5. The Mitten Adventure:

In mittens so cozy, hands snug and warm, We venture outside to embrace the storm. Snowball fights and sledding fun, In winter wonderland, we all become one.

6. Candy Cane Lane:

Down Candy Cane Lane we stroll, Where peppermint stripes light up the whole. A sweet sensation in every sight, Christmas joy takes flight through the night.

7. Tinsel Tangle:

Tinsel glimmers, silver and gold, But oh, what a tangle, stories untold. With patience and care, we unwind the mess, Decking the halls with festive finesse.

8. The Gift of Giving:

Beyond the presents, wrapped so neat, Lies the magic of giving, oh so sweet. A kind word, a hug, a helping hand, Spreading love across the land.

9. Sleigh Bells Serenade:

Sleigh bells jingle, a joyful sound, Santa’s sleigh glides over snowy ground. With reindeer prancing, hearts full of glee, They bring Christmas magic, for you and me.

10. Dreams of Snowflakes:

As stars twinkle above in the frosty night, Children dream of snowflakes, pure and white. In their sleep, they dance and play, Imagining a winter wonderland till day.

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10 Cozy Christmas Poems For Kids and Your Family

1. The Mistletoe Moment:

Beneath the mistletoe’s gentle sway, A kiss shared on this special day. Love and laughter, hearts entwine, A magical moment, yours and mine.

2. Cozy Pajamas:

In fuzzy pajamas, snug and warm, Dreams of Christmas take true form. Teddy bears and twinkling lights, Guide us through the silent nights.

3. Sleigh Ride Adventures:

On a sleigh ride through the snow, Adventures with friends, to and fro. Bells jingle, laughter fills the air, Moments to cherish, beyond compare.

4. Frosty’s Farewell:

Frosty the snowman, jolly and round, In the winter sun, he melts with a frown. But don’t you worry, he’ll be back anew, With snowflakes and fun, next year too!

5. Reindeer Dreams:

When reindeer close their eyes to sleep, Through starlit skies, they softly leap. In dreams of Santa and snowy delight, They prepare for their magical Christmas flight.

6. Cookies for Santa:

Cookies for Santa, oh so sweet, A holiday tradition, a lovely treat. Milk and goodies by the tree, Thanking Santa for his magic spree.

7. Glistening Icicles:

Icicles hanging in a sparkling row, Catch the light with a radiant glow. Drip by drip, they softly play, A winter symphony all through the day.

8. The North Pole’s Song:

In the North Pole’s land of frost and snow, Whispers of magic and secrets aglow. Elves hum carols in a joyous tune, Underneath the stars and wintery moon.

9. Starlit Wishes:

Upon a star, we make a wish, A whispered dream, a hopeful swish. With twinkling eyes, we look above, Sending wishes and Christmas love.

10. Tidings of Joy:

Tidings of joy in the frosty air, Love and kindness, feelings rare. In this season of giving and light, May your heart be merry, all day and night.

8 Short Christmas Poems, Riddles for Kids

1) Reindeer

When going around the world
This animal can find the way
It goes to every country
While helping pull Santa’s sleigh

2) Candy Cane

I’m made of two colors
And I look just like a hook
You’ll give me a lick
But I’m not something you cook

3) Christmas Stocking

What will it be stuffed with
There’s nobody who knows
But it looks like something
You’d slide over your toes

4) Advent Calendar

Open this everyday
For something that can’t be beat
Behind each of the doors
You will find a tasty treat

5) Elf

It is thanks to beings like me
Your Christmas toys don’t come from stores
Because I am a little helper
Who makes your gifts from Santa Claus

6) Mistletoe

I’m a plant seen at Christmas
Which people hang above
And then they stand beneath me
And kiss someone they love

7) Santa Claus

Hoping a stranger will break into your house
Would normally be quite weird
Except at Christmas when you want a visit
From this old man with a beard

8) Christmas Lights

You sometimes see them on a house
And often on a festive tree
They are often multicolored
And run on electricity.

Celebrate Christmas with poems, love and happiness!

So, whether you’re crafting these poems into handmade cards, reciting them by the tree or simply enjoying their whimsy with your loved ones, these Christmas poems are bound to bring smiles, laughter, and the true spirit of the season into your home. Embrace the joy, the magic, and the togetherness that Christmas brings – all through the enchanting world of words and rhymes. Happy holidays and a very merry Christmas to you and your cherished family!

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