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SKIDOS Skills Checklist: 5 Essential Life Skills To Make Your Kid A Future Leader!

May 2, 2023

Ways to conquer 21st-century life skills like a boss!

Do you dream of your little ones becoming math wizards or marine biologists when they grow up? Well, along with academic skills, it’s important to teach them life skills too! These skills help them develop creativity, collaboration, and more. So, what exactly are life skills? Let’s find out.

What are Life Skills?

Life Skills empower your kids with emotional, social, and intellectual tools, according to UNICEF, to succeed in personal, interpersonal, and community settings. So, let’s learn five essential 21st-century life skills!

Skill #1: Curiosity

Encouraging curiosity in your kids is key to helping them grow, learn, and question the world around them. Motivate your kids to make friends from different cultures. This may cultivate curiosity through learning about different cuisines, etiquettes, and traditions. 

Skill #2: Critical Thinking

Critical thinking skills help your kids to keep an open mind, ask questions, analyze information, and make smart choices. Here is one of our learning games for kids to encourage critical thinking:

Car Wash




Play “Car Wash” – the game that lets your little ones ride, wash, and fix up their favorite cars while solving math puzzles! They’ll never get bored with over 10 cars to choose from, including trucks and sports cars. They’ll hit the open road while practicing their math skills.

Download Car Wash on iOS

Skill #3: Creativity

Nurturing your kid’s creativity is an essential aspect of their growth and development. There are several ways in which you can spark creativity in your kids. Go for a nature walk with your kids and ask them to observe all the things around you. Collect small items like pebbles, leaves, sticks, etc. Come back home and ask your little one to create beautiful nature art with the collected items. 

Skill #4: Collaboration

Kids must understand the significance of keeping their relationships healthy, so they can have many amazing people to support them as they grow up. Here is a collaborative learning game created by SKIDOS:

Fantasy World 

Your little ones will embark on an exciting journey to a dragon island, where they’ll explore the polymorph lab to create new creatures, search for hidden keys and jewels, cook for the royal banquet, and so on. They’ll befriend trolls, gnomes, witches, dragons, and other mystical beings in the game. While having a blast, they’ll also be strengthening their math skills!

Download Fantasy World on iOS 

Skill #5: Technological Skills

Technological skills can help kids develop essential life skills such as problem-solving, following instructions, and effective communication. Here is SKIDO’s technological skill-building learning game:



Superstore is an exciting learning game that lets your kids become part of a bustling world of customers and helpers. They’ll explore an enchanting shopping mall and interact with diverse characters while learning basic math and English skills through fun gameplay. 

Download Super Store on iOS or Android 

SKIDOS learning games are not only super fun, but they’re also essential for your kid’s early childhood development. Your kids can unleash their creativity, find solutions to problems, and gain the confidence to tackle a new challenge. With SKIDOS Pass, they’ll have access to 40+ ad-free and safe games, packed with 1000+ teacher-designed learning activities! Plus, you can create up to 6 profiles on one device. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start learning!




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