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Smart and Fun Spelling Games for Kids

Dec 28, 2021

Spelling development can be a challenging skill for kids to imbibe, especially in the early academic stages. Children may often feel overwhelmed with learning alphabets, phonetics and words. However, it is nothing that a systematic process can’t resolve. And what’s most important in making this process smoother is the right approach. Starting slow, repeating the same spellings in different ways can be a few techniques. Also, revising the spellings in a fun way for kids to learn can be a great idea.

This is where spelling games for kids can do the trick by making them learn effortlessly in a playful way. Parents can either play easy games at home or teachers in class or one can always take help of online spelling games for kids. What could be better than having their favorite time with screens to be productive and smart. Either way, the importance of spellings can not be undermined for kids, let’s see why.

Importance of learning spellings

Learning to spell correctly and get better with them has numerous benefits and it comes in different stages. Be it the pre-communicative stage or the semi-phonetic or phonetic stage, the transitional stage or the correct stage. Kids need to acquire the right spelling skills at every stage for their overall academic growth in the long run. They can get the following advantages.

  1. Better writing – Writing forms the basis for academic learning in kids and for one to excel in future, the basics must be strong. Writing is one such basic thing that a kid must learn well at the right stage. Spelling development can prove very effective for improving writing in kids.
  2. Better reading – Reading is yet another useful skill the kids must learn and learn well. It does not only help them in academics but in many other ways also. Reading interesting books can be as therapeutic as informative. Spelling learning can make way for better reading skills from an early stage itself.
  3. Better communication – A good communication paves way for confidence, loads of opportunities and a good social interaction for kids. It is a key element in learning and spelling right can improve the kids’ communication a lot more.
  4. Better comprehension – Reading, writing and communicating are all nothing without comprehension. Developing good comprehension skills is a must to complement the other skills and spellings do play a vital role.

Easy ways to improve spelling ability in kids

  1. Checking product names This is the one of the easiest ways to make your kid get better at spellings. Simply ask them to read the names of products they use at home or ones they may want you to buy them at the store. It’s fun, quick and very effective.
  2. Crossword puzzles Getting them to solve age-appropriate crossword puzzles can be a good trick. When you play along and pretend to compete, they are likely to be interested and learn through the game.
  3. Educational board games Playing more educational board games like scrabble can be a nice idea for getting kids to learn the spellings. There are also other similar board games available for learning spellings as per their age.
  4. More reading  While spellings improve the reading skills, it’s also the other way round. Getting your child to read more in the way of story books, cute or funny word blocks, can all lead to better spellings.

It is about having the right mix of activities and effortless skills development complementing one another.

Online spelling games for kids

While the above mentioned ideas are some common ways to improve kids’ spelling learning, they do have their challenges at times. For instance, getting them board games can be a lot messy as kids tend to spread things out as well as lose the parts easily, ruining the whole game. Also, it is not always possible for parents to have the amount of time required to invest in playing along with these games or doing these activities on a more regular basis.

This is where online learning games can prove to be very helpful. They can make the process of spelling learning for kids easy, smart and fun and develop a natural interest for learning. The online spelling games for kids bring in a fun element that attracts the kids and keeps them engaged easily, leading to effortless learning on the go. And the best part is that it can also make them independent, confident learners as they do it all on their own, learning while playing.

Town- Kids spelling games

Town is a cool spelling game for kids in the SKIDOS app. It offers a fun way of learning, where we try to lay a base for improving kids’ spelling learning and English, in all. Moreover, they can also practice math and english exercises while defeating the monsters in this game.

It’s mainly suitable for 5-9-year-olds, where kids can learn spellings in an easy way. The kids spelling Town is a magical valley that is occupied by the citizens of the town and the monsters. Kids can design the town just as they want with buildings, roads, trees and other decorations. But they must watch out for the naughty monsters who are slimy, ticklish and can fart and tease.

The cute sounds and adorable animations are sure to attract kids and learning spellings will be so much fun. Kids can get productive while at play with SKIDOS as parents take a break.


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