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Smart Start: Preparing Your Child for the New School Year with Interactive Games

Jul 26, 2023
Back to school

As parents, sending our children back to school or getting them ready for a new school year can be tiresome. SKIDOS learning games make this transition easy for us as they prepare your child for a new school year. Our learning games teach essentials and foster a positive attitude towards learning. In this blog, we will explore some fun of our educational games to smart start your child’s new school year. 

How do educational games prepare your child for a new school year?

But before we dive into learning games, let’s look at why they are helpful in preparing your child for a new school year. Our educational games build a strong academic foundation. Our games teach basic concepts of subjects like math, english and more. This will help your child transition swiftly over the years from preschool to sophomore year. Additionally, they also teach skills that will help your child in the future. 

7 additional benefits of SKIDOS educational games to get your child school ready: 

1. Engaging learning experience

Our educational games transform traditional learning into an interactive and engaging experience. Our games capture your child’s attention. We use colorful graphics, engaging animations and interactive challenges to keep them engaged. This helps in motivating them to explore and learn. An engaging learning experience will make your child interested in learning subjects taught at school. They become familiar with basic concepts of math, English, etc, through our educational games.

2. Skill Development:

Our educational games for kids are created to develop certain skills and expertise in your child. For example, Little Sophia will be going to preschool this year. Going to school for the first time can be scary and difficult for her. Especially developing social skills like communication and confidence takes time. With SKIDOS educational games, she can learn these skills in no time. Our learning games will develop communication skills and confidence in her. She will learn to empathize with other children who are in a bad mood or hurt. Hence, learning games are essential for your child’s skills development and make them school ready. 

3. Positive Learning Attitude: 

SKIDOS learning games encourage a positive learning attitude in your child and will approach learning with enthusiasm. They will enjoy the process of acquiring knowledge while having fun. Your child will be willing to learn new things and concepts as our learning games help them teach new skills in interactive and engaging ways. A positive learning attitude is necessary in the long run as it fosters a lifelong love for learning. 

4. Experiential Learning:

SKIDOS learning games introduce your child to hands-on experiments within the virtual world. They get to explore and discover new possibilities as well as virtual worlds. The experiential style of learning helps your child see and observe abstract ideas around the world. Rather than just reading or listening, they will become more curious and find their own set of answers to the questions they have. 

5. Sparking Curiosity: 

With our learning games, your child can learn subjects like mathematics, English, etc, in a fun and engaging way. This will spark curiosity and imagination in your child. They encounter new challenges and educational content. This makes them eager to explore further and instill a lifelong love for learning.

6. Independent Learning and Research Skills:

SKIDOS educational games for kids encourage independent thinking and problem-solving. Your child will find it easier to transition from preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school to university and so on with the learning games. As they build a strong foundation of basic concepts in your child, they acquire essential skills like critical thinking and problem solving skills that will help them in the future as well. They learn to navigate challenges on their own. This encourages them to be independent and resourceful. They might also need to conduct their research to find answers. This helps sharpen their research skills. 

7. Academic Readiness:

If your child is playing SKIDOS educational games regularly before the new school year, they can review and revise previous academic content. If your child is joining school for the first time as a preschooler, they will already be familiar with basic concepts of math and English. This helps them start the new school with better preparation and confidence. Our educational games often cover a wide range of topics. This exposure to various subjects broadens your child’s knowledge and can even spark interest in new areas. Your child will be introduced to various characters within our role-playing learning games like Fantasy World. This helps them learn to collaborate with characters in the game and apply the same skill outside especially in school while making new friends. 

List of SKIDOS learning games for your child’s new school year:

1. Numbers Town 

This game is perfect for your child if they are entering preschool. This will help them recognize numbers and mathematics around them. In this learning game, they can make pasta trees while counting the number of pasta used to decorate their tree. They can use popsicle sticks to make cars and do lots of other fun activities! While having fun, they are introduced to basic math concepts such as counting, addition and subtraction in an interactive way. This helps your preschooler get familiar with basic concepts before starting their new school year. 

Skills learned: Basic Math Concepts, Independent Learning, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 

Download Numbers Town on iOS

2) Fantasy World

SKIDOS Fantasy World

This role-playing fantastical realm of adventures awaits your child! This learning game will surely spark their curiosity and imagination as they explore the wonderful ‘Fantasy World.’ Here mystical characters come to life and your child will get to meet and be friends with them. Join these characters and cook a fancy royal banquet. Visit the dragon island to create your dragons and be creative! Enjoy soccer on the clouds and design dresses for the princess at the high castle. While exploring this mystical land, your child will learn early math concepts and early English skills too. Join this magical adventure now! 

Skills learned:  Basic Math Concepts, English, Collaboration, Curiosity and Imagination

Download Fantasy World on iOS or Android 

3) Superstore

This fun role-playing learning adventure will help your child learn social skills like collaboration and making friends. With 34+ characters, this learning game stands out as the most creatively designed real-life adventure game. If your child is fussy about going to the mall shop for back to school supplies, this game will introduce them to a shopping adventure like no other! They can play musical instruments at the music store, grab a pizza on a shopping spree, style the characters’ hairstyles and do much more fun activities! As a result while being on their own and independent shopping adventure, they will also sharpen their math skills. This will help them transition to mathematics in sophomore year easily as their early math skills are built with a strong foundation. Let’s join this fun shopping mall adventure today! 

Skills learned: Experiential learning, Basic math concepts, Collaboration and Critical thinking 

Download Superstore on iOS or Android

Step into a new school year with SKIDOS Learning Games

SKIDOS learning games offer multiple benefits for preparing your child for a new school year. We make learning enjoyable and develop essential skills. Our games foster curiosity and promote a positive attitude toward learning. By integrating our games into your child’s learning routine, you can help them start smart on a new academic year with readiness, enthusiasm and a love for learning. 

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