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Spooktacular Learning: 5 Halloween Themed Educational Games for Kids

Sep 30, 2023

Every holiday is known for its own special treats, decorations, celebrations and more! Halloween is all about fun and a little bit of spookiness! From creative costumes to DIY Halloween crafts, Halloween is full of fun and scares! But it is incomplete without some Halloween educational games to keep kids entertained. (Besides you can’t expect kids to only eat candies!) 

From classic dress up games to baking delicious pumpkin cakes, we have everything! Your kids can get Halloween ready with these Halloween educational math games. To know more about  Halloween, check out the blogs Why is Halloween celebrated on October 31st? and Why Jack O Lanterns are carved on Halloween? Share this blog with everyone. Your whole neighborhood will name you as the king/queen of Halloween. (Mwahahahaha)

How Halloween educational games help kids learn more about the holiday?

Halloween is all about costumes, spooky decorations and candy filled festivities. It is a holiday that many kids wait for! It’s a time when imaginations run wild and creativity takes center stage. But, did you know that it is also a fantastic opportunity for kids to engage in educational activities? Halloween themed educational games offer a unique way for kids to learn and have fun. Here are some way Halloween educational games can help kids learn about the holiday:

1. Learning through play

One of the most effective ways for kids to learn is through play. They allow kids to explore math, language, problem-solving and other skills in a fun way. These games transform learning into an exciting adventure. It makes learning feel less like a chore and more like a delightful journey.

2. Fostering creativity 

Halloween encourages creativity and educational games take this a step further. Whether it’s designing their own costumes or decorating pumpkins, these games allow kids to use their creativity. This helps kids connect with Halloween on a deeper level as they take part in its traditions.

3. Combining Entertainment with Education:

Halloween themed educational games strike the perfect balance between entertainment and education. They offer challenges, puzzles and activities that are disguised as fun games. As a result, kids are more likely to engage willingly and stay focused on the learning tasks, making it easier for parents and educators to introduce educational content without resistance.

4. Building Essential Skills:

While enjoying Halloween themed games, kids unknowingly develop a range of essential skills. Math games that involve counting candy, pattern recognition in spooky decorations and storytelling games that enhance language skills are just a few examples. These skills can serve kids well in their academic pursuits and daily life.

5. Strengthening Memory and Problem-Solving:

Many Halloween games require kids to remember patterns, sequences or solve puzzles. These cognitive challenges stimulate memory and problem-solving skills. As kids overcome these obstacles, they gain confidence in their abilities. These games can positively impact their overall learning experience.

6. Promoting Positive Associations:

When kids associate Halloween with enjoyable learning experiences, they form positive connections with the holiday. Instead of just focusing on the superficial aspects like costumes and candy, they come to appreciate the educational opportunities Halloween offers. This can lead to a greater appreciation for learning in general.

7. Family Bonding:

Playing Halloween themed educational games as a family can be a wonderful bonding experience. It allows parents and caregivers to participate in their kids’ learning journey while creating lasting memories together. These shared experiences can strengthen family ties and make Halloween even more special.

Let’s look at some of these awesome Halloween educational games for toddlers and kids.

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5 Halloween educational math games 

1. SKIDOS Play & Discover

Available on: App Store

Age Group: Toddlers and Preschoolers

Cost: Freemium Membership available

Skills learned: Critical thinking, Problem solving, Basic math skills

If you’re looking for a gentle introduction to educational games for your little ones, SKIDOS Play & Discover is a fantastic choice. It’s filled with adorable Halloween characters and offers various activities to help toddlers and preschoolers develop essential skills. From tracing spooky shapes to learning about numbers and colors, this game provides a perfect blend of entertainment and education.

2. SKIDOS Fantasy World

Available on: App Store & Google Play Store

Age Group: Kindergarten and Elementary School

Cost: Freemium Membership available

Skills learned: Creativity, Imagination, Basic math skills

Dive into the mystical world of SKIDOS Fantasy World this Halloween! With the Halloween Market and Witch’s House activities, your kids can embark on magical adventures. All while honing their math and problem solving skills. Whether it’s counting candies or solving puzzles, these games make learning math concepts a treat.

3. SKIDOS Planes

Available on: App Store 

Age Group: Elementary School

Cost: Freemium Membership available

Skills learned: Critical thinking, Problem thinking, Basic math skills

SKIDOS Planes takes your kids on an exciting journey through the spooky skies. As they fly through various Halloween themed obstacles, they’ll need to solve math problems to keep their plane in the air. It’s a fantastic way to sharpen math skills while experiencing the thrill of flying in a Halloween inspired setting.

4. SKIDOS Play House

Halloween games for kids

Available on: App Store & Google Play Store

Age Group: Preschoolers and Early Elementary School

Cost: Freemium Membership available

Skills learned: Empathy, Responsibility, Basic math skills

If your kids enjoy playing house, this Halloween themed game is perfect for them. In SKIDOS Play House, kids get to decorate their virtual family house. All while learning about shapes, colors, and patterns. It encourages creativity and critical thinking, making it an excellent choice for young learners.

5. SKIDOS Bakery

Available on: App Store & Google Play Store

Age Group: Elementary School

Cost: Freemium Membership available

Skills learned: Creativity, Imagination, Basic math skills

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without some spooky treats! In SKIDOS Bakery, your kids can become virtual bakers and whip up a delicious pumpkin cake. This game introduces kids to concepts like measurements and fractions while they follow the recipe and decorate the cake with creepy toppings. It’s a fun way to bring math into the kitchen.

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Happy Halloween and happy learning! 🎃


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