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STEM for Kids: Fun Ways to Explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Through Play!

May 9, 2023

Discover, experiment, and play: making STEM fun for your little innovators!

Are your kids curious about everything happening around them? Well, your kids sound like little scientists! Do your kids keep questioning you about everything? And, do you sometimes don’t have the answers to their questions? Then, don’t worry STEM learning through play has got you covered! 

STEM is a term that we hear often these days. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning through play can inspire kids to become curious about their surroundings. STEM learning through play increases creativity and cognitive processing. 

STEM subjects are a part of our everyday routines from the time we wake up till the time we go to sleep at night. Be it your kid’s banana cut into two pieces which teaches math or a school trip to a zoo that teaches science! No matter how old is your kid, your kid’s conversations and games must be embedded with STEM.

In today’s fast-changing world, your kids need to learn STEM skills from a young age. With STEM learning through play, they will be ready for future jobs that haven’t been invented yet! STEM helps your kids think critically, solve problems and be innovative. But this type of learning isn’t limited to numbers and technology, STEM inspires creativity and practical learning! 

How does STEM learning through play help your kid?

  • Science- Helps kids understand the world they live in through fact-based critical thinking. 
  • Technology- Kids are introduced to learning games which prepares them to have an innovative mindset. 
  • Engineering- Kids learn problem-solving which helps them create innovative objects.
  • Mathematics- Trains kids to analyze information, eliminate errors, and make calculated decisions while solving problems. 

Check out some of our fun educational science games and math games for kids created by our SKIDOS educators!

1) Brainy City 

This is one of SKIDOS’s cool kindergarten math learning games where hundreds of animals have escaped the zoo and brought chaos into a big and bustling city. Your kids can help them survive new adventures and get through the city safely.

Here, they need to run as fast as they can and dodge the obstacles. The animals in Brainy City will need your kid’s help to sharpen their math skills. They use Math Ninja powers to help them and collect coins. Their math skills are tested to unlock new characters and power-ups. A fun-learning game that teaches STEM skills.

STEM Skills learned: Math, Technology, Science 

Download Brainy City on iOS and Android

2) Street Soccer 

Does your kid love soccer? If yes, then this is one of the best math games for your kid. Your kid will learn quick math tricks while playing soccer. Score, run, and have fun on the streets of the world’s most amazing locations! Street soccer is not only fun but also a great way to introduce kids to STEM skills. This game is easy to play and will give your kid endless entertainment as well as learning. 

STEM Skills learned: Math, Technology

Download Street Soccer on iOS

3) Airplane Game

This is one of SKIDOS’s fun-learning math games for kids. Your kid will act as a little mechanic and help our pilots with their planes. Your kids will build the planes as they add propellers, wings, windows, and wheels while discovering and solving math puzzles. 

STEMS Skills learned: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Download Airplane Game on iOS 

4) Bike Racing 

This is one of the best fun educational science games where your kids will experience beautiful environments and they can select from hundreds of bike customization features and many upgrades. Cool math puzzles will help your kids improve their math skills while playing the game. As they put together the customizations for the bikes, they are introduced to the basics of engineering. 

STEMS Skills learned: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Download Bike Racing on iOS and Android 

5) Mountain Climber

Your kids can have fun climbing mountains and rappelling down the mountains to collect coins along the way to cross the different levels. The levels keep getting tougher as the game progresses. The game is filled with fun math and logic activities that need to be completed to move on to further levels. This is a fun game where kids are introduced to STEM skills.

 STEMS Skills learned: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Download Mountain Climber on iOS

STEM learning through play can open your kid’s mind to making discoveries. While playing, they practice everything from collaborating to asking tough questions to investigating new concepts and exploring. Which of these games does your kid love to play? Let us know at!

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