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Tips for second grade math become fun? Through Games

Feb 26, 2020

As children grow and enter new grades, fresh concepts from the world of mathematics keep knocking their door. To help them improve their understanding of mathematical concepts, one of the best tips for second grade math is that you can do is use games. They will make it easier for them to learn the concepts which they encounter, and which keep getting tougher as grades advance. Practice is the path to perfection in mathematics and 2nd grade math games will keep your children practicing the concepts they have learnt.

How can I help my 2nd grader with math with tips for second grade in math

An early interest in math is important and games, being entertaining mediums of learning, make math interesting for your children. Their performance in the games will also help you track their progress and let you know the impact they are having on their school grades. Let’s have a look at the concepts your 2nd grader is dealing with and how math games for 2nd grade can help them in tackling them.

Place value

Place value helps in understanding the meaning of a number. The value of a digit in a number depends on its position in the number. It is one of the most important ideas in second grade math and is extremely important for a solid foundation in mathematics.

Tips for second grade math by gaming will let your child use place value to understand the meaning of larger numbers, compare numbers and order them.

Basics of multiplication

The basics of multiplication are not needed only for scoring well in school exams but also has real-life applications. Suppose your child goes to a nearby store to buy three pencils, he will need to multiply two numbers to know the actual amount he needs to pay. Second grade math requires your child to gain the foundations for multiplication. Games will allow them to practice multiplication while having fun, which will lead to higher engagement and higher retention for them.

How do you teach second grade addition and subtraction tips for second grade math

Addition and subtraction

Addition and subtraction are the most basic operations of arithmetic. For a child, these operations may be daunting and often make math a villain for them. However, games will turn the problems of addition and subtraction into fun and entertaining challenges for them. Games will help them practically apply their learnings, unlike the bookish method. In games, children receive the results of their actions almost instantaneously. This instant feedback will help them improve their accuracy and you in tracking their performance over time.

Measurement and data

Second grade math requires your child to measure and estimate length in standard units. Not only that, but your second grader should also be able to relate the newly learned concepts of addition and subtraction to length. Games will provide your child with an interactive and visual medium of dealing with the idea of length.

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Representing and interpreting data is also an important part of the second grade math curriculum. Math games for 2nd grade will let your child play with data and give them the practice they need. Games can also be a great way for the parents to bond and spend time with their children.


The geometry learned in second grade math lays the foundation for a journey which continues for a very long time. The understanding of shapes and their properties is important for a strong foundation in geometry.

What can be better than using games for the same and what are the best tips for second grade math ? Using games your child will learn to identify and describe the properties of various shapes which will set them on a path of excellence in geometry.

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