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Today's Meeting: a Teacher Like you

Jul 30, 2015

Meet the teacherTeachers

Teacher from the heart, Fran loves his profession. He works in a bilingual public school in South Spain. Not happy with that he also spends his holidays teaching in developing countries. This multifaceted teacher is a game lover, traveller and an amateur actor.

1. Who are you?

My name is Francisco Contreras, but everybody calls me “Fran”. I was born 30 years ago in a small town of Spain, in my 15 I moved to the capital. I’m a learning lover. When I finished my studies as a teacher in 2007, I though I wanted keep learning. I have a Bachelor of Media and Communications and I also started to study History and Geography.

2. What do you do?

I am primary school teacher. In 2007 I passed the public examination to become teacher in public schools in Spain, since then I teach to kids from 1st to 7th grade. Currently, I live in Seville, if you ask one of the most beautiful of Spain.

Every summer, I spend my holidays teaching children in developing countries. I have been in Colombia and Kenya and I’m sure I will repeat, it is a great experience!

3. Why did you decide to become a teacher?

It all started when I was a child: I loved to go to school and everything related with it. To learn and stay with new and old friends was my motor.

I like to stay with kids, we understand very well together. I believe to work with kids makes you happy. The daily work is an endless source of anecdotes. But you have to like it, otherwise it can be exhausting!  

4. What is the best part of being in contact with the children’s universe?

With no doubt, the connection I get with my students through motivation and fun. They can find a referent into the teacher’s figure: I become an example and they accept new activities and methods to learn. Once you have their confidence you can have a great impact on their lives.

I have learned how to see my daily problems from another perspective. To live surrounded by kids makes me realize that, as adults, sometimes we make things too difficult.

5. The best anecdote about your profession?

Many! From the one that I can see at the classroom until the ones they tell me about their lives… 

But some of the answers in exams have nothing to do with the theory, they can have a great imagination… Sometimes I have to stop correcting just to laugh.

6. Do you play games? Which is your favorite media?

In my spare time I love to play videogames, I’m old school, you know. I also play sports, board games and I used to play theatre.

7. Do you think to allow your kid to play games is positive?

Yes, always with moderation a respecting times and obligations. Games are engaging for kids. It is a good combination games to play and develop problem solving and mental capability.

8. What do you think about gamification? And, specifically, in education?

Actually, gamification is my main teaching method. It seems to be more motivating a game that a theoretical book. We must keep in mind that they are children. Children like to play. If we mix learning with a specific subject they will learn without notice it.

A motivated child will learn for sure, while a non-motivated child may not learn that much.

9. What do you think about Milk Hunt? How did you get to know it?

I think it can be a great complementary tool together with the school lessons. With Milk Hunt children practice mental calculation, subject who can be a bit boring on paper. A friend living in Denmark told me about it, she though it could be useful for my work.

10. What is your score in the game?

No score yet! I have Android, I’m looking forward to have the Android version of Milk Hunt available soon.

Fran Contreras

Teacher in Bilingual Public School

By Ángela R.


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