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Unlocking Creativity: The Benefits of Art Activities for Young Kids

Jul 11, 2023

Are you looking for a creative escape for your kids? Art is a great way for your kids to express, explore and create. It helps develop motor skills and accelerates brain development!

Kids love getting into art activities, which involve playing with their hands, getting messy, and using colors. They explore various materials and think creatively at an early age. Some simple creative games for kids will help your little ones stay engrossed and entertained for at least a few hours!

As a parent, you must worry that your toddler has a short attention span. It is totally fine! Try making simple art projects interesting by introducing new things every time!

How do Art Activities Help Kids’ Development?

1. Improve Motor Skills– Delicate and specific movements with tools and small objects improve motor skills

2. Boost Self-Esteem– When your kids create art, they have something to be proud of!

3. Stimulate Creativity– To create any piece of art, your kid needs imagination and creativity and art activities stimulate these skills and channel their creativity into something productive.

4. Build Teamwork– The best art activities are the ones where you and your kids build something together. It is a social activity that helps your kid express their feelings naturally.

5. Develop problem-solving abilities– Art games help your kids solve complex problems with patience

So, get ready with art supplies, and let’s dive into the world of color splash!

3 Best Art Activities for Kids

1) Citrus Fruit Printing

Create fun prints with citrus fruits like orange, grapefruit, lemon, etc., in this fun art activity! A fun way to keep your kids engrossed and bring their creativity.

What do you need: Your kid’s favorite citrus fruits, paints, drawing sheets, paint brushes, a palette, and a knife.

What to do: Cut each fruit into two halves (Parents are advised to cut it). Now squeeze out all the juice gently, since it saves the activity from turning messy. Now ask your kid to apply their favorite color paint using paintbrushes on the pulp side.

Stamp different colors on the sheet one by one to create beautiful prints. Create beautiful homemade gift-wrapping papers with this activity. This activity is a great technique to introduce your kids to different fruits and colors.

2) Egg Carton Flowers

Looking for a fun way to recycle your empty egg carton? Try giving this fun activity a shot!

What do you need: Egg carton, acrylic paints, pom-poms, paper straw, scissors, glue, and a paintbrush

What to do: Carefully cut out four containers from an egg carton. (Parents are advised to cut it) Trim them to give them the shape of the petals of a flower. Paint the cut out using different colors. Stick the paper straw to the stem of the flower. Choose a colored pom-pom and paste it at the center of the painted egg carton. Your egg carton flower is ready!

3) Pasta Necklace

Get your little fashionistas to make this fun pasta necklace!

What do you need: A bowl of penne pasta, acrylic paints, scissors, and strings

What to do: Ask your kids to paint the penne pasta with colors of their choice. Pick 3-4 different colors to make the necklace more colorful and fun. Take a string and measure your kid’s neck size. Attach the pasta in a sequence according to the necklace’s size. Explore more designs, and the fun necklace is ready to rock!

2 Best Creative Games for Kids

1) Coloring Book

This is one of SKIDOS’s fun kindergarten learning games where kids get creative with the joy of coloring their favorite animals. There are 100+ coloring sheets to choose from and your kid learns to associate colors with particular objects. This is one of the best creative games for kids since your kid learns simple math concepts while playing with colors. 

Your kids get to explore different drawing tools such as brushes, pencils, crayons, etc. The game has different stickers to make your kid’s painting more fun! It introduces your kids to color therapy where they paint to relax and become calmer. 

Download Coloring Book on iOS and Android

2) Toy Brush 

This is a fun learning 3D coloring game for kids where they use different colors and patterns. Your kids can choose between 60+ toys of different materials (wood, fabric, or ceramic), and paint them in any way they like! They can add cute stickers to their creation. While playing the game and exploring their creativity, your kids will learn basic math concepts in a fun way! 

Download Toy Brush on iOS and Android

Art activities are a fun and creative way to keep your kids engrossed during the weekends or vacations. Creative games for kids are unique in their way, but there’s always room for more fun! Which other fun art activities do you and your kids love? Let us know at! 

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