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5 Spooky Experiments to Amaze Your Little Mad Scientists

Sep 26, 2023

Halloween is a time for tricks and treats, costumes, and of course spooky fun! But did you know that you can combine the excitement of Halloween with educational activities for your little ones? If you’re looking for Halloween learning games for 1st graders, toddlers, or engaging Halloween puzzle games for kids, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we’ll explore five spooky experiments and our favorite Halloween-themed games! These will amaze your little mad scientists while promoting learning and creativity. 

5 Spooky Halloween Experiments For Toddlers to 1st Graders:

1. Eerie Ooze Slime:

Halloween activities for kids

Things you need: Clear glue, liquid starch and few drops of food coloring.

Method of the experimentation: Slime is all the rage among kids, and it’s an excellent tool for hands on learning. Mix the ingredients together, and watch as your little one explores the concepts of chemical reactions and texture. Encourage them to measure and mix the ingredients themselves, fostering valuable math and science skills.

2. Ghostly Volcano:

Things you need: Vinegar, baking soda, red food coloring, small plastic bottle, newspaper, glue, water

Method of the experimentation: Transform the classic vinegar and baking soda volcano experiment into a spooky experience by making it ghost themed. Create a paper mache ghost shape around a small plastic bottle. Inside the bottle, combine vinegar and red food coloring. When your kids add baking soda to the bottle, the ghostly volcano will erupt, creating a colorful and eerie display. This experiment teaches kids about chemical reactions while adding a Halloween twist.

3. Pumpkin Seed Estimation:

Halloween learning games for toddlers

Things you need: Pumpkin seeds

Method of experimentation: Carving pumpkins is a beloved Halloween tradition, but why not turn it into a learning opportunity? After scooping out the seeds, have your kids estimate how many there are before counting them. Then, discuss concepts like estimation, counting and even basic multiplication and division as they determine the actual number of seeds. Roasting the seeds afterward makes for a tasty reward!

4. Spooky Shadow Puppets:

Things you need: Black construction paper, scissors, flashlight, craft /popsicle sticks

Method of experimentation: Harness the power of light and shadow by creating spooky shadow puppets. Cut out Halloween themed shapes from black construction paper and attach them to craft/popsicle sticks. Shine a flashlight on a blank wall or sheet and have your kids create stories or scenes with the shadow puppets. This activity encourages creativity, storytelling, and the exploration of light and shadow concepts.

5. Mysterious Floating Ghosts:

Things you need: Clear container, water, ghost shaped erasers or toys

Method of experimentation: Explore the principles of density with this simple yet captivating experiment. Fill a clear container with water and add some small ghost shaped erasers or plastic toys. Then, have your kids gradually add salt to the water while observing the ghostly figures floating upwards. This experiment introduces kids to the idea of density and how altering it can affect the behavior of objects in water.

Spooky Halloween Learning Games For Toddlers to 1st Graders:

SKIDOS Bakery 

Available: Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Age: 3+

Cost: Freemium Subscription Available

Skills learned: Creativity, Problem solving, Basic math skills

Let’s start our list with a deliciously spooky game called ‘SKIDOS Bakery’. In this Halloween themed educational game, your kids get to step into the shoes of a baker. They’ll learn math and problem solving skills as they decorate and bake spooky pumpkin cakes. From measuring ingredients to counting candles, this game offers a delightful blend of learning and creativity. Your little mad scientists will enjoy practicing essential math skills while whipping up creepy confections. 

SKIDOS Street Soccer

Available: Apple App Store 

Age: 3+

Cost: Freemium Subscription Available

Skills learned: Critical thinking, Problem solving, Basic math skills

Combine the thrill of soccer with Halloween fun with SKIDOS Street Soccer. This game allows your kids to control a player and score goals on the streets of the world’s most iconic locations. They’ll work on their coordination, motor skills and strategic thinking as they navigate the soccer field. Plus, the Halloween themed characters and settings add an extra layer of excitement. This game includes mini math Halloween puzzle games for kids too. It’s a fantastic way for kids to stay active and learn valuable life skills while celebrating the season. 

SKIDOS Play House

Available: Apple App Store & Google Play Store

Age: 3+

Cost: Freemium Subscription Available

Skills learned: Empathy, Responsibility Basic math skills

If your little ones enjoy playing house, they’ll adore SKIDOS Play House Game with a spooky twist. This game lets kids explore a home and solve puzzles while trying to unlock new rooms. They must help the friendliest family in town do chores and other activities. It’s designed to improve cognitive skills, memory and problem solving abilities. As your kids encounter the family members, they’ll be engaged in a world of imaginative play that’s perfect for the Halloween season. 


Available: Apple App Store 

Age: 3+

Cost: Freemium Subscription Available

Skills learned: Critical thinking, Problem solving, Basic math skills

Take to the night sky in SKIDOS Planes with a Halloween themed twist. Your kids can pilot and create their plane through a spooky, starry night while practicing math skills. The game incorporates addition, subtraction and multiplication, making it ideal for 1st graders. By completing math challenges, your little mad scientists can earn rewards and upgrades for their planes. It’s an exciting way to reinforce math concepts while exploring the enchanting night sky.

SKIDOS Hospital

Halloween games for kids

Available: Apple App Store 

Age: 3+

Cost: Freemium Subscription Available

Skills learned: Compassion, Critical thinking, Basic math skills

Last but not least, we have SKIDOS Hospital, where your kids become a doctor for spooky creatures. This game encourages empathy and problem solving as your kids diagnose and treat various Halloween themed patients. They’ll learn about different medical tools and procedures while taking care of mummies, vampires and other spooky characters. It’s an excellent game to foster compassion and critical thinking in a Halloween themed context.

Halloween just got spookier with SKIDOS! 🧛

This Halloween, make learning a thrilling adventure for your little mad scientist with these spooky experiments and educational games from SKIDOS. Whether your kids are 1st graders or toddlers, these games offer a fun and engaging way to reinforce essential skills. These games embrace the spooky spirit of the season. 

These Halloween learning games for 1st graders, Halloween learning games for toddlers, and Halloween puzzle games for kids will not only entertain them but also help develop critical thinking skills, creativity and a love for science. 

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