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6 Tips To Prepare Your Kids For Back To School

Aug 18, 2023
Back to school

As summer winds down, it’s common for kids to experience nervousness and a big change in their routines- after all your kids are entering a planned and structured setting after months of holidaying! Some kids will accept the changes with a lot of joy while others will need a bit of hand-holding to get used to the changes. Back to school will always be accompanied by a certain level of excitement or nervousness but as parents, we need to make sure that we talk positively about school and release them from the fear of the unknown. 

Last minute second visit bathroom or trying to find the other sock that was on the counter a minute ago? Let’s make school mornings different this year with fewer worries or fears! From organization tips to the perfect breakfast for school, these 6 tips will help your school mornings be stress-free and streamlined. 

1. Create a visual routine

Toddlers and kids perform well when they are bound by routine. Why not turn this into a colorful adventure? Create a visual daily routine chart that includes waking up, getting dressed, having breakfast, playtime, school, snack and more. 

You can design it on paper and stick it on the fridge. Create columns for each part of the day (morning, afternoon, evening) or specific times if your toddlers are familiar with time concepts. In each column, draw or paste a sticker that represents each activity. For instance, a sun for waking up, a shirt for getting dressed, a school bus for school and so on. Get creative and use bright, eye catching colors. 

This helps your kids develop a sense of time, responsibility and anticipation. It adds a touch of excitement to their day-to-day activities, making them transition to school and other milestones smoother and more enjoyable. 

2. Morning Mini-Chef

You need to involve your kids in daily chores like breakfast preparation as it fosters their independence and willingness to explore new foods. You can begin by giving them a variety of breakfast options like cereal, yogurt with fruits, oatmeal, toast or even a smoothie. 

Choose a designated area where your kids can work in the kitchen. Make sure that everything is placed within their reach-bowls, spoons, ingredients and any utensils needed. Before you start, explain the breakfast-making process to your kids in simple terms. For instance, if you’re making cereal, show them how to pour it into a bowl and then add milk. Depending on your kids’ ages and motor skills, involve them in pouring or measuring ingredients. This will boost their hand-eye coordination, math skills and they will learn through play as well as doing chores. 

While encouraging independence, ensure that you’re supervising closely, especially when handling utensils or ingredients that require caution. As your kids complete each task, shower them with praise and encouragement. Positive feedback reinforces their confidence and eagerness to contribute in school too. 

Keep in mind that breakfast might take a little longer than usual when your kids are involved. Embrace the extra time as a chance to bond and create lasting memories. Once, breakfast is ready, sit down together and enjoy the meal your little ones helped create. Use the time to chat about their plans for the day, making it a wonderful opportunity for bonding.

3. Pick the perfect outfit- Together!

School mornings can be very chaotic! Here is a chance to potentially transform your chaotic morning routine into a bonding experience. Let them choose a couple of outfits the night before after they are done with their shower and let your kids choose what they want to wear for school the next day. This little decision making moment empowers them and prevents morning meltdowns. 

To make this routine easier, let your kids play our SKIDOS Bath game, where they pick up everything they need to know about their hygiene. Right from brushing their teeth, to taking a bath and dressing themselves for bed or school, this fun educational game for kids teaches it all! Get SKIDOS Bath on iOS or Android now to make your chaotic mornings simpler! 

By involving your kids in choosing their outfits, you’re fostering their decision making skills, boosting their confidence and starting the day on a positive note. The process becomes more than just getting dressed- it becomes a special moment of connection and empowerment that sets a joyful tone for the day ahead. 

4. Backpack buddies

The new school year means shopping for new school supplies including a special backpack. Take your kids on a shopping adventure to pick out a backpack that they love. Make sure it’s the right size for their little shoulders and has enough compartments to keep their belongings organized. Let them explore different colors, designs and encourage them to express their preferences. 

Let your kids personalize their backpacks with stickers, fabric markers, patches and their favorite buttons or pins. Adding a name tag to the backpack not only makes it look official but also helps your kids easily identify their bag among a sea of others! You can create a name tag together with colorful markers, glitters and even their handprints. This helps instill a sense of ownership and responsibility for their belongings

To make going to school more enjoyable and interactive, celebrate back to school by having a mini photoshoot with your kids and their personalized backpacks. This simple activity can set a positive tone for their school experience and help them look forward to using their backpacks every day. 

5. Practice playdates

Practice playdates are informal gatherings where your kids get the opportunity to interact and play with other kids in a relaxed and familiar environment. These playdates can take place at your home, a friend’s house or even a local park. The main goal of this activity is to introduce your kids to social interactions beyond the family circle.  This helps them develop social skills that are essential for preschool and beyond. 

Meeting and playing with new friends in a relaxed setting can boost your kids’ self-esteem. As they become more comfortable interacting with others, they’ll feel more confident about engaging with classmates and teachers in the preschool setting. Through practice playdates, kids can learn to recognize and manage their own emotions. They understand the feelings of others. They’ll begin to develop empathy and the ability to navigate conflicts peacefully

Practice playdates mimic some aspects of a preschool setting, such as group play, sharing resources and following simple rules. This familiarity can help ease the transition into the more structured routines of preschool. 

6. Read all about it

Reading books before school starts allows your kids to build a habit of reading and they familiarize themselves with the idea of what school is. It introduces them to the concept of learning, making friends and engaging in fun activities outside of home. This helps in reducing anxiety and builds excitement

Many books for kids are filled with colorful illustrations that depict school settings, teachers and students. These visuals can help your kids understand the physical environment of a school and the people they might interact with. Visual cues can be impactful for young kids who are just beginning to grasp abstract concepts. Storytelling is a powerful way to help kids identify and express their emotions. Through the characters in the books, your kids can explore a range of emotions that are associated with starting a new school such as excitement, nervousness, curiosity and happiness. This opens the door to conversations about their own emotions and thoughts. 

Many books feature characters who navigate new challenges just like your kids are about to do. These characters often demonstrate problem solving, resilience and positive attitudes. Your kids can learn these skills from the examples and feel inspired to approach school with a similar mindset. When your kids read books about joyful and positive experiences in school, they create positive associations with the idea of starting school. They may begin to associate school with exciting stories, laughter and special bonding time.

Your kids will look forward to going back to school 

As you gear up toddlers’ back to school journeys, remember that patience, positivity and a pinch of creativity go a long way. These simple tips will help you make this transition smooth and enjoyable for both you and your kids. By turning routines into fun learning games and new experiences into exciting tales, you’re setting the stage for a wonderful start to their educational journey. Embrace the adventure and watch your little ones shine as they embark on this exciting chapter in their lives! 

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