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7 Easy To Make Halloween Costumes For Kids

Sep 23, 2023

It’s time to get into spooky spirit as Halloween is around the corner. Toddlers everywhere are excited about dressing up and going trick or treating, but coming up with the perfect Halloween costume can be a fun challenge. To help you get ready for the big day, we’ve put together a list of 7 easy-to-make Halloween costumes for kids that will delight your little ones and their friends. Plus, we’ll introduce you to two fantastic educational games that add a touch of Halloween magic to the festivities: SKIDOS Superstore and SKIDOS Fantasy World. Let’s get started on the spooky fun!

7 DIY Halloween costumes for kids: 

1. Classic Ghost

One of the simplest and most iconic Halloween costumes is the friendly ghost. All you need is an old white sheet with holes cut out for the eyes. Your kids will be ready to float through the night and collect candy with ease!

2. Witch or Wizard

Halloween activities for kids Transform your little ones into spellbinding witches or wizards. A black hat, a grey/black outfit and a wand/broom are the essentials for this costume. Add a touch of magic with a fake nose or warts for an extra spooky effect.

3. Pumpkin

Halloween activities for kids Turn your kids into a cute pumpkin with a simple orange shirt, hoodie, pants or dress. Add black felt cutouts for the face and green construction paper for the stem. Voilà! You have an adorable pumpkin ready for Halloween.

4. Superhero:

Halloween activities for kids All kids dream of being a superhero and Halloween is the perfect time to make it happen. Find a cape, create a simple logo with fabric or cardboard and add a mask for a disguise. Your kids will be ready to save the day!

6. Black Cat:

Halloween activities for kids Embrace the mysterious side of Halloween with a black cat costume. A black outfit and some painted-on whiskers and a tail will make your kids look purr-fectly enchanting.

7. Skeleton:

Halloween activities for kids Create a spooky skeleton look with black clothing and white fabric paint or tape. Decorate your kids’ outfits with skeletal bones to give them a frightful yet fun appearance Now that you’ve got some fantastic costume ideas for your kids, let’s add a dose of educational Halloween fun with SKIDOS games!

SKIDOS Halloween games for kids:

SKIDOS Superstore

Available: Apple App Store and Google Play Store Age: 3+ Cost: Freemium Subscription Available Skills learned: Creativity, Imagination, Basic math skills In this educational game, toddlers can join the characters as they go shopping for Halloween costumes at the shopping mall. It’s a great way for kids to learn while having fun. They can explore the mall, pick out costumes and enjoy learning math skills along the way.

SKIDOS Fantasy World

Available: Apple App Store and Google Play Store Age: 3+ Cost: Freemium Subscription Available Skills learned: Creativity, Problem solving, Basic math skills This game takes your kids to a spooky Halloween party at the Witch’s House. Kids can dress up monsters and creepy creatures in spooky costumes, adding a creative twist to the Halloween festivities. They can also shop for creepy headgear and masks at the Halloween Market, making the experience even more engaging. Additionally, they will pick up math skills while playing this fun and exciting game.  <<< Related Reading: 7 Spooktacular Halloween Games for Kids>>>

Halloween Fun With SKIDOS games and activities for kids! 

These educational games for toddlers are not only entertaining but also help kids develop essential skills while celebrating Halloween. It’s a win-win for parents and kids alike! Get an SKIDOS Pass to play 40+ educational games. Your kids can gain the 21st century skills necessary for their future success with our 1000+ activities and 250+ educational videos (all included in our gaming apps)! Our content for learning is fully ad-free and secure for your kids. You can make 6 profiles for your kids, each with a different age range, using just one SKIDOS Pass. Our educational games receive fresh upgrades each month.  With these easy-to-make Halloween costume ideas and the educational fun of SKIDOS games, your kids are sure to have a spooktacular time. Get ready for a memorable Halloween filled with laughter, creativity, and lots of treats.  Want to know more about how to celebrate Halloween with your kids? Chat with us on our social media communities! For more educational content, become a part of our YouTube family for cool, fun and exciting stuff! Join our boo-tiful world of SKIDOS today!  Happy Halloween! 🎃👻🍬

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