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Do you need some tips to transition to School?

Aug 24, 2015

End of the Summer - Beginning of the School kingfisher_speech

Summer is this time with less structure, more freedom and outside adventures. But August also means that the new school year is coming. There may also be some relief when children are back into the school year routine… How do we transition ourselves and our children from the summer into the school year?

  1. Bring back the structure gradually. Little by little over the next couple of weeks get the younger children to bed earlier, and up earlier in the morning. For your teenage children discuss the importance of structure. Be clear on your expectations, listen to them and get them involved in the return to routine.
  1. Discuss change. This is an opportunity to teach your children that change is natural, healthy and inevitable. It is OK to be sad when things change. Honest conversations about change, feelings and advantages of it, it’s a good idea.
  1. Manage your own anxiety. If you are anxious and stressed about the new school year, they will also be. Look for ways to take care of yourself first so you can guide them. Look for positive things.

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  1. Anticipate your child’s anxiety. Ask them if they are worried about any particular things and let them talk through it. For older children, reconnecting with their peers can help ease the anxiety that a new school year may bring.
  1. Technology can be our friend not our foe. Encourage your children to use technology in a positive way by using electronic calendars and scheduling tools. In fact, your children might be able to teach you a lesson or two in the use of these helpful applications. The end of the summer is also a good time to refresh and reset the use of technology and review your expectations with the children.
  1. Focus on connection. Spend some one-on-one time with your child whenever you can. This can be simple things like a walk or a family barbecue. Enjoy your child; nothing else will prepare them better for that school year that that!

How do you prepare your kids for the new school’s year?

Share with us your tips&tricks!

By Ángela R.

Source: Huffington Post


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