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First Aid Games for Kids: Awarded Interactive Role-play

Apr 27, 2020
Education , Parenthood

Parents across the world are grappling with an unprecedented difficulty of dealing with their kids who are too young to understand the inexplicable situation the world has found itself in.

It isn’t easy to explain to a child the science of something that is neither living nor dead? How do you tell your child that a virus can kill people?

First Aid Doctor Games for Kids Online

Children are seldom taught about medical items they see at the hospital. So they might think some items are scarier than they actually are. To tackle this fright, the best way is by making them believe like it’s no big deal.

We all have grown pretend playing ‘doctor doctor’ as toddlers. Seeing a tiny stethoscope holding hands and pretending to be a doctor or nurse felt powerful during play. Guess what, online learning games can be equally playful and rather more informative.

So let’s learn what are the 5 things important your child can learn through medical play:

  1. The online doctor games for kids help your kids get familiar with basic medical tools and learn about the human body. Kids have seen a band aid, but learning the procedure of first cleaning the dirt, sanitizing the wound before applying one is altogether more intriguing.

2. Online cool math games for kids reduce fears of doctor visits as a child can herself try out different medical tools and help cute characters (animated patients in the game) to get healthy again.

3. Pretend medical play improves fine motor skills, enhance communication skills and boost cognitive progress. The game also aims to encourage children to pick up core programming principles using logical reasoning. The sequence and number of actions performed on each patient (animated character) is well memorized by the child. For example, in case of a fracture, the process starts with scanning the injured body part with an x-ray machine, thereafter fixing the bones and putting a plaster on.

4. Maintenance of Hygiene is one of the key factors why parents promote their preschoolers to play Doctor Games. Aching tooth; sore throat; swollen ears; ear pain; mild fever; sneezing; running nose are all common ailments that can be avoided by minimizing the risk of catching infection. You will notice that your kid will start taking his/her personal hygiene habits more seriously.

5. You would be surprised to learn that pretend medical play strengthens children’s math skills! With the improved, visual interactive learning content in the form of games, online doctor games for preschoolers make geometry fun and so much more.

We, at Skidos, have released ‘SKIDOS Doctor games for Kids’ fun role-playing game that will encourage your child to play a doctor and treat patients. Your child can try out different medical tools and treat 3 cute characters in a playful way.

Ask your child if she wants to be the “doctor,” Asking questions such as “What is this?” and “What is that for?” will give you a better view of what your kid knows about a medical procedure. It can help you learn your child’s fears about a specific health care experience. You can also explain things that seem confusing to her.


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