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How To Keep Your Kid Engaged During The Holiday Break?

Oct 14, 2023

Winter is coming! School going kids will be at home, while homeschooled kids will have plenty of free time on their hands. As a parent, having your kids around during the holidays can be both a joy and a challenge. You want to ensure they’re involved in the right activities while also keeping up with their holiday assignments.

If you’re looking for ways to help your kids make the most of their holiday break, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to discover how to keep your kids happily engaged during this special time.

Can you engage your kids with fun learning games?

Keeping your kids engaged with fun learning games during the winter holiday break is a wonderful way to ensure they have a memorable and enriching time off from school. They offer a delightful combination of education and entertainment. These games encourage learning and also promote creativity, teamwork, responsibility and imaginative play. So, transform your home into an educational playground this winter. Your kids can have a great time while learning new skills and you can enjoy a peaceful holiday season knowing that they’re engaged in a meaningful and enjoyable way. It’s a win win for everyone in the family!

5 learning games for kids to keep them engaged:

1. SKIDOS Bakery – Whipping Up Virtual Cakes Together

The holiday season calls for sweet treats. What could be more engaging than baking virtual cakes of various flavors in SKIDOS Bakery? This game is a great choice for families with multiple kids as it encourages creativity, teamwork and most importantly, a whole lot of fun. Your kids can explore different ingredients, create unique cake designs and decorate to their heart’s content, all while learning valuable skills like problem solving and following instructions. Plus, they’ll love sharing their culinary creations with the cute bakery monsters.

Skills learned: Problem solving, Creativity, Imagination, Basic math skills

Available on: Apple App Store and Google Play Store 

2. SKIDOS Superstore – A Virtual Grocery Shopping Adventure

With Thanksgiving and other holiday gatherings on the horizon, why introduce your kids to the concept of grocery shopping in the bustling aisles of SKIDOS Superstore? This game is not just entertaining; it’s also a fantastic educational experience. Your kids can create shopping lists, compare prices and make responsible choices – skills that will come in handy later in life. It’s an excellent way to get them involved in holiday preparations and teach them valuable life skills, all while having a blast.

Skills learned: Responsibility, Critical thinking, Basic math skills

Available on: Apple App Store and Google Play Store 

3. SKIDOS Play House – Nurturing Imagination

Kids have a natural affinity for playing house, and SKIDOS Play House takes this timeless game to a whole new level of creativity and fun. Your kids can explore different aspects of home life, from cooking and cleaning to taking care of virtual pets and decorating their dream house. It’s a fantastic way for siblings of different ages to interact, learn from one another, and let their imaginations run wild. Plus, it encourages imaginative play, which is essential for a kid’s development.

Skills learned: Imagination, Creativity, Basic math skills

Available on: Apple App Store and Google Play Store 

4. SKIDOS Animal Day Care – Fostering Responsibility

math games for kids

For all the little animal lovers out there, SKIDOS Animal Day Care is an ideal way to keep them engaged. This game lets your kids take care of adorable virtual animals by feeding, grooming and playing with them. It instills a sense of responsibility and empathy while keeping them entertained. It’s a top choice for families with kids of varying ages, as the tasks can be tailored to suit each kid’s abilities.

Skills learned: Empathy, Responsibility, Basic math skills 

Available on: Apple App Store

5. SKIDOS Numbers Town – Creative Virtual Craft

Holiday breaks are the perfect time for creative activities and SKIDOS Numbers Town has something special in store. Your kids can create virtual fall leaf faces, a fantastic craft to keep them engaged during the holiday season. This game seamlessly blends creativity with mathematics, making it an educational and entertaining choice for kids of all ages.

Skills learned: Creativity, Imagination, Basic math skills

Available on: Apple App Store

Celebrate the Holiday Season With SKIDOS! 🎉

Keeping your kids engaged during the holiday break doesn’t have to be a challenge, especially when you have access to educational and entertaining games. These games provide the perfect solution for parents with two or three kids of different ages. They not only keep the little ones entertained but also promote learning, creativity, teamwork and responsibility. So, make the most of this holiday season by engaging your kids in these exciting activities and watching them have a blast while learning and growing together! 

What’s inside the SKIDOS Pass? 

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