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How To Teach Kids To Tell Time?

Apr 23, 2021

We all know that learning to tell time can be as exciting as a treasure hunt or a game of hide-and-seek. Those ticking hands on the clock hold a world of mystery and adventure for our little ones. So, let’s dive right into some fantastic ways to make time telling a joyride for your kids!

1. Tell Time Tick-Tock Playtime Adventures

Start with those analog clocks your kids find pretty boring! Grab a colorful analog clock and show your kids how the big hand points to the minutes. Show how the small hand hops around the hours. Make it a game- “Can you guess where the hands will be next?”

2. Rhymes That Make Tell Time

Who doesn’t love a good rhyme? Teach your kids the classic “big hand on the 12, little hand on the 6” trick. It’s like a dance move that makes time-telling feel like magic. The big hand is the superstar on stage, and the little hand is its trusty sidekick, never too far away.

3. Tell Time With A Learning Game

SKIDOS Fuzzy House is a learning game where your kids learn how to tell time with cute and furry characters. This game teaches the concept of time and its importance in a fun and exciting way!

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4. Tell Time, Real-life Style

Turn everyday activities into time-telling adventures! When it’s breakfast time, point to the clock and say, “Look, it’s 8 o’clock – time for our morning munchies!” Connect time to their daily routine, and watch their eyes light up with understanding.

5. Let’s Pretend To Tell Time

Cue the imagination! Set up a pretend schedule for their favorite stuffed animals or action figures. “At 3 o’clock, Teddy goes on a daring mission!” It’s not just playtime; it’s time telling superhero training!

6. Crafty Clock Creations To Tell Time

Get artsy with a DIY paper plate clock. Draw the numbers and stick on those hour and minute hands. It’s a crafty way to reinforce their time telling skills while having a blast. Plus, their proud smiles will light up the room!

7. Digital Friends and Their Time Secrets

Time to meet the digital buddies! Introduce them to digital clocks and the world of numbers. Play a game where they match the analog time on the clock with the digital numbers. It will be like solving a mystery puzzle!

8. Unleash Real-world Time Challenges

Challenge accepted! Give your little time masters scenarios like, “When the big hand is on the 5 and the little hand is on the 9, what time is it?” It’s a fun way to boost their confidence and make them feel like time telling heroes!

9. Cheers for Time telling Victories

Every step is a victory! High-fives and cheers are a must for those “got it right” moments. Ask them to keep track it’s snack time or conquering bedtime. Celebrate this as it adds an extra sprinkle of excitement to the learning journey!

Time telling adventures create time turning experiences!

Remember, dear parents, teaching time-telling is like embarking on a thrilling adventure together. Patience and a sprinkle of creativity go a long way. So, gather those clocks, roll out the fun, and watch your kids embrace the magical world of telling time. Your little time-tellers are bound to amaze you with their newfound skills!

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