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International Day Of Charity: How can social emotional learning activities introduce the joy of giving to kids?

Sep 1, 2023

Let’s talk about something special on the International Day of Charity! Teaching kids about the joy of giving from an early age is like sharing a special secret with them. They realize how wonderful it feels to see someone smile and it fills their hearts with happiness. The gift of giving shows them how their actions can create joy in the world around them. It’s like having a pocketful of happiness that they can share whenever they want! 

Research has shown that seeds of kindness are sown in infancy. It is important to nurture this quality as kids grow and grasp the world of people and relationships around them. (Source: University of Washington). This study has revealed that infants take part in kind-hearted actions. It also indicates that their early social experiences can influence their inclination towards charitable giving. 

What will we cover in this blog?

Benefit of practicing the gift of giving with kids

Educational games for 3 year olds that instill the spirit of giving 

5 simple hacks to teach kids the joy of giving 

Benefit of practicing the gift of giving with kids

day of charity

Exploring the world of giving with kids might sound like an old idea, but it’s packed with wonderful reasons! When kids embrace giving as a part of their every day, they’re likely to:

1. Feel positive emotions like joy, optimism and love

2. Show kindness to others

3. Build resilience in the face of setbacks

4. Develop self-confidence

5. Deal with stress more effectively

Educational games for 3 year olds that instill the spirit of giving:

At SKIDOS, we understand that teaching tiny tots the concept of giving and gratitude can be a little difficult. Our educational games for 3 year olds and social emotional activities for kids have values embedded in them to teach your kids about important life lessons like the joy of giving and gratitude. Here are some of our valuable educational games:

1. SKIDOS Animal Daycare– Care for furry friends

math games for kids

Available: Apple App Store

Age: 3 years old & above

Cost: Freemium membership available 

Skills learned: Empathy, Responsibility, Basic math skills 

Get ready for a heartwarming adventure with our delightful SKIDOS Animal Daycare game! Designed with love and learning in mind, this game is the perfect way to introduce kids to the concept of caring and giving. As they immerse themselves in this virtual animal world, they’ll learn important values that’ll last a lifetime! 

In SKIDOS Animal Daycare, your kids step into the shoes of a caretaker for various adorable animals. From fluffy puppies to curious kittens, they’ll experience firsthand what it takes to make animals happy. Through interactive social emotional activities for kids like feeding, grooming and playing, your little ones will understand the importance of responsibility and compassion. As they engage in these tasks, they unknowingly learn about empathy and the joy of giving. 

So when the time comes for a visit to an animal shelter, the lessons from the game will come alive. Your kids will be excited to apply their virtual caregiving skills to real life situations. Prepare for heart melting moments as your kids connect the dots between virtual play and real acts of kindness. This makes each visit to the animal shelter, a truly memorable experience. Your kids will build a strong foundation of empathy and care that will shape their character for years to come.

2. SKIDOS Bakery– Cakes for kindness

Available: Apple App Store & Google Play Store

Age: 3 years old & above

Cost: Freemium membership available 

Skills learned: Empathy, Responsibility, Basic math skills 

At SKIDOS Bakery, learning and baking come together in the most scrumptious way! With our cute bakery monsters as your kids’ companions, they will embark on a baking adventure like no other. As they measure ingredients, mix the batter and pour it into cake pans, they’ll grasp the essence of baking as a way to spread joy. 

In this delightful virtual bakery, the learning doesn’t stop at the screen. We believe in translating these learnings into real life actions. Imagine the excitement of your kids as they proudly carry out their freshly baked cakes to share with others! Whether it’s a neighbor’s doorstep, a friend’s house or even the local fire station, this hands-on activity makes sharing not only tangible but incredibly yummy. 

Through SKIDOS Bakery, your kids learn that baking isn’t just about creating delicious treats- it’s a pathway to connect with others. It ignites smiles and nurtures the spirit of giving through social emotional activities for kids. So, let your little bakers whisk, mix and share their way to a world filled with kindness and yummy cakes! 

3. SKIDOS Superstore– Kindness dance party 

Available: Apple App Store & Google Play Store

Age: 3 years old & above

Cost: Freemium membership available 

Skills learned: Empathy, Responsibility, Basic math skills 

Visit the music store in SKIDOS Superstore for a delightful experience! Here, your little ones can unleash their inner musicians by playing groovy tunes with a variety of musical instruments. And that’s not all they can also take the fun to the next level! By organizing a kindness dance party. As the music plays and dance moves flow, take breaks to have heartwarming talks about the significance of making others happy. 

Encourage your kids to brainstorm creative ways to spread joy like making funny faces or sharing jokes. This game takes learning out of the screens. The next time you plan a visit to an old age home, they can perform for all the senior citizens there and spread smiles across the room. With the perfect blend of dancing and spreading smiles, their experience in SKIDOS Superstore is fantastic! A combo that teaches valuable life lessons while having a blast. 

5 simple hacks to teach kids the joy of giving

1. Charity begins at home- but it can grow beyond its walls

As the year winds down, families gear up to prepare themselves for the holidays. Think about Christmas shopping, presents and ringing in the New Year with cheers. But here’s a sweet twist: These months aren’t just about celebration. They’re also a global sharing season. No matter where you’re from, it’s the time when generosity comes first! 

Across various cultures, charity isn’t just nice, it’s a soul thing! A duty that traditions have sprinkled into our lives. And guess what? Kids who grow up in such giving traditions learn something pretty cool: the magic of giving and sharing is actually a superpower! 

2. Lead by being a positive role model

Kids are the best visual learners. They pick up things they see and the best way to teach them about giving is by showing them. Kids learn a lot by copying grown ups. This makes leading by example a super powerful way to explain why it’s great to help others. 

You could plan a special weekend where you and your kids pack up clothes and things you don’t need anymore. Then, you can take them to a donation drive for people in need. 

Maybe your kids could accompany you to the animal shelter nearby or put a little bit bit of their lunch money into a special jar you keep in the living room. This money could help animals at the shelter seeking warmth and care. They might even enjoy helping out at an old age home on weekends. 

Just like when they try a new game or activity, mix things up and try different ways to help. They way, they’ll find out new things about themselves while doing something good for others. And here’s the cool part: make helping or giving a regular thing, not just once in a while. That way, kids will see it as something normal and important in their lives too. 

3. Allow kids to choose their cause

Social giving takes on many forms catering to different age groups and interests. From volunteering time to donating goods and talents, there’s a suitable way for everyone to make a positive impact. It’s particularly heartwarming to young kids embracing this spirit by connecting with causes that align with their interests. 

Even for 3 year olds, there are wonderful opportunities to partake in charitable causes. Simple acts like sharing toys with playmates or making cheerful drawings for neighbors can spark the spirit of giving. Additionally, involving them in activities like picking up litter at a local park or participating in a small community clean up event can foster a sense of responsibility and caring for the environment. 

4. Help kids understand the need and observe the impact 

Teaching kids about giving is like showing them the superpower of making others happy. Imagine if they have a bunch of toys that they don’t play with much anymore. Now, ask them to think about a friend or another kid who doesn’t have many toys. When they decide to share some of their toys with them, they’re not only being kind but also making them really happy. That’s the magic of giving- it spreads smiles! 

5. Explaining the joy of giving with songs

Did you know that songs can help kids understand some really cool things? Well, one thing they can kids is the joy of giving! Imagine singing along to a fun song about sharing toys or helping friends. These songs have special words that show kids how awesome it feels to make someone happy. Just like when they share their favorite snack with a friend, singing about giving can fill our hearts with happiness too! 

These songs help kids remember that even small acts of kindness like gifting toys can have BIG, wonderful impacts on others. So, the next time you hear a song about giving, sing along with your kids and feel the joy spread across the room! 

Here is a sweet and simple song that will teach your kids about the joy of giving. (Source: Super Simple Songs-Kids Songs)

Spread smiles with the joy of giving!

day of charity

As parents, we play a pivotal role in shaping our kids’ values and characters. Through these fun and engaging educational games, we can introduce the spirit of giving and kindness to our 3 year olds. The International Day Of Charity becomes an exciting opportunity to lay the foundation for a lifetime of empathy, generosity and heartwarming connections. So, be a part of this adventure of teaching through play and together, create a world filled with tiny acts of goodness! 

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