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10+ Tips on How to Teach Numbers to Kindergarten

Mar 5, 2021

Kids love learning through play. When we try to teach numbers to kindergarten, we must make it interesting so kids enjoy learning. Let us take a look at these interesting ways on how to teach numbers to preschoolers.

What is digital identity – number sense for kids?

Number recognition is learning how to identify and name numbers and this is one of the first things a preschool or preschooler will learn to do.

It’s a complicated concept because it involves more than just saying a single number name. Number recognition includes teaching number names, writing and recognizing numbers, counting, and matching numbers to numbers.

Traditional flash-card activities help recall and name different numbers. But they don’t teach kids all the relationships between numbers, numbers and numbers.

How to Teach Numbers to Kindergarten

How to teach number recognition to Kindergarten

When planning activities, it is important to create a series of experiences for students that focus solely on speaking or reading numbers.

Math programs should include activities, games, and learning experiences to teach students in depth. They also need to apply their insights to many different situations.

It’s important to make sure that the activities you use teach your child:

  1. Counting language – names of numbers, exposure to numbers and counting in other cultures.
  2. Counting – name the numbers in sequence, forward and backward and from any starting point. Improve your understanding of the sequence and how all numbers are made up of combinations of the same digits 0-9. Understand that numbers are spoken in a particular order and there are patterns in the way we say them.
  3. Matches numeric, alphanumeric names, and numbers, including zeros.
  4. Counting is not a chanting but involves a number of steps or the “Principle of counting” – literally that each object is counted only once, the arrangement of the objects does not affect the number and in the end. is the answer that counts to the question ‘how many’ questions.

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How to teach number recognition to Kindergarten

Tips to Teach Numbers to Kindergarten

1. Tracing Numbers

Teach kids to remember how to write numbers by making them trace numbers with crayons or pencil colors on a sheet of paper. This is a very fun way to teach numbers to 4 years old. Coloring makes them enjoy the process & develops their memory for numbers.

2. Include numbers in everyday tasks to teach Numbers to Kindergarten

If you’re looking for teaching numbers to kindergarten lesson plans, use numbers in daily tasks. For example, you can ask your child to bring you 4 spoons or 2 dishes. You can also make them count vegetables & fruits like peas & grapes. You can also encourage them to count their toys when they clean up after playing. You can easily teach numbers 1 to 50 using this simple trick.

3. Point out numbers in daily life

A great way of teaching number recognition to preschoolers is to point out numbers they see in daily life. For example, if you’re traveling somewhere by car, you can ask them to count the number of times they see the number “9”. These number games for kids have been known to work very well to develop number sense in kids.

4. Make them count their fingers!

Figuring out how to teach numbers 1 to 10 is tricky at first, but if you let your kids count their fingers every day, they will not only learn the numbers from 1-10, they will also learn how to count on their fingers.

5. Introducing numbers by play

If you’re wondering how to introduce number 1 to preschoolers, you’ve come to the right place! A lot of parents get confused about how to introduce number 1 to kindergarten. A correct way is to make your child relate quantities with a number.

For example, give them 1 candy when they’ve been good & tell them they will get more if they finish a certain activity. This way, your child can relate numbers with actual quantities & will never forget them!

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6. Jump over there or Hop to it

This is a game to help students get up and move! Write the numbers on memory cards and place them on the floor around your classroom. You can also use cuts (lily flowers are fun!). When you say “Let’s dance!” Students turn to a new number. Then they shared the number they landed.

7. Songs with movement to teach Numbers to Kindergarten

Sing songs where students use their whole body to make numbers. Digital song by Dr. Jean and I Can write my number by Harry Kindergarten teaches number formation. Students can listen to the song and practice writing aerial numbers using the movement of the big arm.

Hope you enjoyed reading these number sense activities for your kids. We hope you enjoy trying them!

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