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4 Ways To Teach Animals To Kids

Mar 26, 2021

It is said that a person’s kindness and character are measured based on how they treat animals. This is why it is important to teach animals to kindergarten. They grow to be compassionate and gentle, and we definitely want those qualities in our kids. Of course, you can’t send them out into the wild and have them interact with animals, but there are many small ways in which you can teach your kids about animals. Let’s take a look at them.

Get a Pet!


When it comes to learning about animals for preschoolers, what can be better than having a pet! We’ve all seen the cute videos where the baby and dog become the best of friends! That’s pretty much how it works. You can adopt a dog, cat, parrot, hamster or fish, and introduce the fascinating world of animals to your kids at an early age. The importance of learning about animals for toddlers is immense. They will feel the unconditional love of a pet and also learn how to treat animals with care and kindness.

Animal Songs

Animal Songs

We know the ‘Baby Shark’ song has become a nightmare for adults, but it’s an adorable song that kids love and a great way of teaching animals to preschoolers. Be it Ellie the Elephant, Baa Baa Black Sheep, or Mary Had a Little Lamp, children will retain better when it is in song. You could sing them the song or play them the video for better effect. And the next time you’ll are driving around and see a sheep or lamb, be sure to point it out to the child. They’ll definitely be fascinated and remember the animal from the song.

Animal Themes

Animal Themes

Another great way how to introduce animals to preschoolers is by having animal accessories or décor around the house. Fill their rooms with fun paintings of animals, animal shaped toys, and even animal-shaped accessories like socks, caps, pendants, etc. T-shirts and dresses that have animal faces on them are common and super fun for kids.

Animal Games

Animal Games

The old-fashioned way is most times the best way. How can we forget the puzzles, storybooks, and picture books? Toddlers can have fun looking at pictures of animals in a book, coloring them, and pulling around an animal-shaped pull-along toy. As they get a little older, preschoolers can enjoy simple storybooks on the jungle, jigsaw puzzles, and drawing & sketching activities.

The animal kingdom is a beautiful and fascinating world for children, and you shouldn’t deprive them of it. Movies like Jungle Book, Bambi, The Lion King, etc are some classics that never go out of style when you’re wondering how to introduce wild animals to preschoolers. It’s much better than a visit to the zoo. Nowadays, zoos are looked down upon because the great majestic wild animals are taken away from their homes and kept in a cage. That’s not the ideal introduction to animals for kids. You can also teach your kids about animals by taking advantage of mobile apps for kids, nature walks, and any other creative ideas that come to mind.


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