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7 learning benefits of video games for your kid’s framework

Apr 12, 2023

Parents, do you know that there are great benefits of games for your kids? Seven of them are mentioned below as incredible video game benefits that will help them develop socially and academically…

There is a pervasive myth that kids never argue with their parents about studying extra. Educators and parents commonly think that video games are a serious competition for learning and that video games distract their kids from their studies and negatively impact their educational outcomes.

However, as parents, we think that there are major side effects of video games on kids. But we can now see their potential as an educational exercise.

As per research, by the age of eight, kids spend approximately 7.5 hours per day sitting in front of a screen.

Even if you like it or not, the parents have to accept that these kids will grow up with a mobile phone in their hands.

Rather than becoming stressful, why not seize this opportunity to take advantage of this lifestyle?

Traditional teaching methods are evolving, and academic institutions are considering how to revolutionize their teaching methods.

Generally, the traditional teaching methods are inflexible and sometimes burdensome. Trying to incorporate educational games is an effective method to revitalize teaching.

According to studies, adding game – based factors to tests increases student outcomes by 14%. In addition to that, they also show a 9% increase in preservation.

It is a fact that most people know that game-based learning is the most interactive form of learning.

So, the question that arises here is: how can this learning method be proven to transmit knowledge to kids who are in their early years?

Game-based learning is immersive and engages kids for a longer duration than typical lessons do. Educational games increase self-motivation in kids by rewarding them and introducing virtual surprises such as the opening of gift boxes and points.

In this section, we will gain insight into the important life skills that games teach your kids and how games can help them improve their learning abilities.

There is no doubt that games boost motivation and self-confidence, offer kids opportunities to practice, and breathe life into education.

Andrew Przybylski, a psychologist at Oxford University’s Internet Institute, published a research study in the journal Paediatrics in 2014 that established how much time kids should be permitted to dedicate to video gaming. He came to the conclusion that the kids who got to play for less than an hour were far more able to stay calm, whereas those who tried to play for three hours or more per day developed social problems. As a result, when it comes to video games, moderation is essential because, in addition to enhancing learning potential, there are other advantages.

Below is a list of benefits and games that would benefit your kid’s foundation and help him or her develop both academically and socially:

Improving focus and responsiveness: Runners is a game specially designed for kids with an interactive and colorful interface. The kids learn to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy foods while also practicing numerous math and tracing exercises. The game’s primary objective is to instill an internal understanding of healthy eating habits in kids in a fun way. Play Runners here!

Facilitation of teamwork: Bakery by SKIDOS, in which you not only build the foundation for baking but also enhance your math and tracing skill sets. Kids have an adorable monster to assist them in baking delicious cakes in the kitchen. To keep happy, the monsters may require a small snack from them. Finally, the monsters will award kids points based on how much they enjoyed your cake. Play Bakery here!

Stimulation of creativity and focus: Hungry Cat is a fun game based on solving puzzles, earning stars, and opening new levels. It is the latest game by SKIDOS. In this game, kids get to feed cute cat characters and can practice math at the same time. Play Hungry Cat here!


Memory enhancement: Train by SKIDOS is a fantastic and amazing game where kids can play in 3D, experience four different levels of difficulty, and play according to their ability. In this game, kids learn quick math tricks, solve cool puzzles, and perform various tasks. Play Train here!


To build leadership skills and strategic foundation: Bird Run by SKIDOS, can you imagine what if kids can take control of the environment? Yes, it can be a reality. With this game, kids can really take over the environment in this endless game. All they have to do in this adventurous game is help the bird run away from several dangers. Play Bird Run here!

Problem-solving skills: in the Shape Sorter by SKIDOS, your kids can learn about shapes, animals, colors, and alphabets in a fun and interesting way. Play Shape Sorter here!


Building multitasking skills: Smart Bear Boo is another game that makes your kids enjoy learning math and tracing by jumping, running, and guiding the little bear, who is cute and adorable. Play Smart Bear Boo here!


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