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Kid Activities: How to cope up with them in Quarantine

Apr 15, 2020

Why kid activities during quarantine is important? Here is why, This pandemic has taken the world by storm, and how! There’s no protocol in place because, let’s face it – the last pandemic was over a century ago. History is our only teacher, and everyone from governments to organisations to individuals are trying to read up on how the world coped the last time.

We’re hoping that that, along with our own concoction of how to survive this will help us pull through. If we look at the demographics of a home, there are kids, teens, adults and senior citizens. The teens, adults and senior citizens will go through the stages of confusion, denial and acceptance, and eventually figure out a routine during the lock down.

What happens to the kids? They have a lot more energy than adults and no where to channel it. They have the intellectual capacity to understand and obey the rules of a lock down, but they’re definitely not going to like it.

Don’t stress. We bring you a list of kid activities your kid can engage in at home that, apart from entertainment, will also help in their mental, physical and emotional health.

1. Art & Craft

Most kids enjoy working with colours, exploring their creativity, getting messy and taking joy in the masterpiece they’ve created- even though the parents have a tough time deciphering the artwork as kid activities. The empty canvas is a lot more than just a piece of blank paper. It’s the instrument that allows children to channel all their energy and creativity. It brings out the imagination and originality of the child. Similarly, kids can get creative with clay, beads and blocks (Legos).

2. Getting Ready

Learning games can help kids become independent and accountable. Apps like SKISOS teach kids how to get ready after a shower without anyone’s help. The interactive game  llows the child to help the animated character perform the various tasks involved in getting ready like drying yourself with a towel, blow-drying your hair, combing your hair, putting on a little perfume and finally picking out a set of clothes. The kids will eventually want to try it out for themselves making them less dependent on the parents.

3. Reading & Storytelling

The bookworm life can actually be a good one. Books have the ability to transport you to different worlds. Be it fantasy or reality, the previous century or the current one, books develop language, reason, vocabulary and cognition.

Emotionally, it builds empathy, humility and self-confidence in children since all characters have a story to tell. They can engage in storytelling games where members of the family can complete the story allowing the family to bond and get creative at the same time.

To spice things up even more, the storytelling can be in the form of a puppet show where the puppets could be anything from dolls to characters made out of newspaper, crepe paper or clay.

4. Getting Involved in Chores

Today, there are some great apps like SKIDOS that help kids learn how to complete household chores. It has interactive games that allow the children to perform the task virtually, step by step.

For example, washing clothes involves putting the detergent in the detergent tray, putting the clothes in the washer and lastly running the dryer. This helps kids understand that being part of all household chores can be fun, easy and helpful. While playing these games, your child can practice 1000’s of math & english tracing puzzles

5. Cooking

Young chefs are all the rage now-a-days. Kids are much more capable that what adults peg them to be. They can help out with baking  mixing and decorating. Fun-shaped cookies, decorative cupcakes and home-made chocolates are easy to make with kids.

Kids may not like vegetables, but when they themselves add veggies in a sandwich or on a pizza, they are more than happy to eat what they believe they’ve cooked. Getting them involved in cooking is a great way to get them to eat what’s cooked at home without making a fuss.

SKIDOS Bakery Fun Math Game

6. Music

Music has the power to turn every dull day into a bright one. Any activity that’s related to music, be it dancing, singing or playing the musical instrument that you’ve been taking classes for is an amazing way to pass the time.

It may seem like it’s not helping in any kind of cognitive development, but it does. Musical activities bring out focus, grasping power and dedication in a child. Apart from it being loads of fun, it helps tire out the kids which, in turn, helps them to sleep well at night.

7. Taking Care of Clothes

Kids can be taught how to take care of their clothes when it comes to sorting, ironing, folding and storing. SKIDOS games help kids to learn how to iron and fold clothes. This allows the child to learn how to safely take care of their clothes. It also saves parents from the menace of a messy room and the back pain that comes with clearing all the clothes tossed around the bedroom. Plus your kid can practice math & tracing while doing the fun stuff.

8. Family Games – kid activities

Now is the time for everyone at home to get creative. If you put a little thought to it, games like pictionary, charades, sing-along games, dance-along games, scrabble, uno, carrom and chess are surprisingly fun for the entire family. These are games that we don’t get down to playing on a regular day because everyone is caught up with their own schedules. You could even make up a few games of your own, and if all else fails, create the atmosphere of a camp site just like the movies, and tell stories under a blanket with a torch. These small memorable experiences will prove to be unforgettable.


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