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Back to School Math Made Marvelous: 7 Exciting Games to Enhance Numeracy

Aug 11, 2023
Back to school

August brings a bag full of back to school adventures. Right from shopping for school supplies to setting a school routine for your tiny tots, all these activities can be overwhelming for them. When this time comes, kids face a lot of emotional turmoil as they have to bid goodbye to summer and say hello to a new school year filled with knowledge and challenges. 

According to the experts, this time of the year can be very stressful for the kids as they completely readjust their routines and timetables. On top of that, a new curriculum will be challenging too. SKIDOS is here to ease them from stressing out and making their life simpler. Tougher subjects like math can be daunting and our learning games for kids make math marvelous. When learning is made fun, kids love to learn! That’s why here at SKIDOS, we welcome kids to join the adventure of fun learning with games, activities and more! Let’s dive into some exciting learning games for kids from our portfolio. 

7 exciting games to enhance numeracy skills in kids:

1. SKIDOS Hospital Lab 

Welcome to the coolest medical adventure for kids! Your kids can become doctors, patients, scientists or assist the friendly medical staff. Hospital Lab has a science lab where kids can experiment with bacteria and create a cure to combat infections. They can assist the medical staff in fighting viral infections. In this medical educational play, they can fight viruses, learn about hygiene and become emergency heroes. Learning and fun unite in this educational game. While becoming medical marvels, they can solve math problems and master their numeracy skills. So let them get their lab coats, it’s time for a fun learning experience! 

Skills learned: Personal hygiene, Responsibility, Social skills, Basic math skills

Available on iOS 

2. SKIDOS Animal Care

Welcome to SKIDOS Animal Care! The ultimate virtual world where your kids become pet caretakers. They can choose various cute floofballs like monkeys, bunnies, dogs, cats and more! They will groom, feed, bathe and take them to the vet for treating an illness. It’s an amazing way to introduce your kids to emotions like kindness and empathy. Your kids will also become responsible towards the pets and will apply the same skills when they see someone hurt around them. Along with learning these skills, your kids will master math by solving puzzles that appear in between the game. Join this cute world of virtual pets today! 

Skills learned: Empathy, Kindness, Responsibility, Social skills, Numeracy skills

Available on iOS

3. SKIDOS Numbers Town

Watch your kids’ creativity reach heights with these fun math games. Your kids will get to tuck cute biscuit animals to bed, decorate trees with pasta and create popsicle cars. This game enables kids to look for math around them in everyday objects. They will spot numbers everywhere with this cute game. Counting, sorting and problem solving become fun as they boost their numeracy skills. Join this delightful mathematical adventure today! 

Skills learned: Numeracy skills, Creativity, Imagination, Problem solving 

Available on iOS

4.  SKIDOS Play House

In SKIDOS Play House, every day is full of discovery and adventures. Your kids will greet the loving family and their inner storytelling skills will become real with this game. As your kids immerse themselves in the daily chores of the characters like cooking or cleaning, they will develop math skills with educational play. This learning game for kids has multiple scenes- 4 floors of pure excitement including a kitchen, living room, laundry room, backyard and more! It’s time to let your kids’ imaginations run wild and their creativity reach heights. Hop onto this educational fun ride today! 

Skills learned: Social skills, Responsibility, Empathy, Numeracy skills

Available on iOS and Android 

5. SKIDOS Bath

This is one of our math games for toddlers. Here your kids will be able to pick up the entire bathroom routine and learn about personal hygiene too! There are multiple scenes in this game such as brushing the teeth at the sink, taking a shower, ironing clothes and more. Your kids will learn how to take care of themselves and become responsible for their hygiene. While learning all this, they will also practice their numeracy skills and master basic math concepts. 

Skills learned: Personal hygiene, Responsibility, Basic math concepts 

Available on iOS and Android 

6. SKIDOS Superstore

If your kids throw a tantrum every time you take them to a shopping mall, this is the perfect learning game to introduce them to malls. This game will help them explore the inside of a huge shopping mall with 4 floors. Each floor has a different shop where they can perform activities like restyling a character’s hair, making pizzas, getting ice cream, playing musical instruments and more! With 34+ characters, your kids will build collaboration and communication skills. They will get to solve math challenges in between to get to the next level where they can master their math skills. 

Skills learned: Collaboration, Social Skills, Communication, Basic math skills

Available on iOS and Android 

7. SKIDOS Brainy City

SKIDOS Brainy City is an excellent math adventure game where animals have escaped the zoo and are creating havoc in a bustling city. Your kids will have to navigate these animals safely through the city while dodging obstacles and collecting coins. This exciting game will raise kids’ adrenaline levels and teach them math skills in a fun way. They can master basic to advanced math fundamentals with this learning game. 

Skills learned: Critical thinking, Problem solving, Logical reasoning, Basic to advanced math fundamentals

Available on iOS and Android

Back To School and SKIDOS ❤️

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