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Back To School Adventures: Can Educational Games Help Kids Revise Math?

Aug 22, 2023

September is approaching faster and soon it’ll be time for your little ones to head back to school. Math can be a tricky subject when it comes to studying. Learning early math skills is a great predictor of success in the future. But kids often don’t enjoy learning math in the traditional ways. Enter: educational games for kids! They’re a great way to blend math into kids’ love for play. 

Why is math important for kindergarteners?

– Math is an essential skill to learn. Early learners with strong math skills tend to do better in school as well as future. 

– Kindergarten math concepts include counting and cardinal numbers- recognizing numbers beyond 10, adding and subtracting and identifying shapes. 

– Kindergarteners learn better when they are given positive feedback. If toddlers use math in everyday life (Ask questions like “Can you put 3 oranges in our shopping bag?”), they pick up math skills quickly. 

This blog will give a detailed overview of how will educational games help your kids revise or learn math. Your toddlers will build a strong mathematical foundation with the games mentioned here. These games are fun, engaging and offer many learning opportunities!

Let’s get going! 

Foundational math concepts for kindergarteners

Before we start discussing educational games for kids, let’s understand the concepts which help your little ones tackle kindergarten math at school. These concepts will help them build a strong math foundation. 

The following list with give you a brief overview of what your kids may know at the end of their kindergarten year:

1. Counting and cardinal numbers (understanding the concept of counting objects)

2. Spotting numbers beyond ten

3. Adding and subtracting numbers up to 9

4. Sorting objects by size

Keeping the list of concepts above in mind, we’ve compiled a list of math games for kids that will help your kids develop essential math skills. 

5 fun math games for kids

1. SKIDOS Numbers Town 

math games for kids

Available: Apple App Store

Age: 3-6 years old

Cost: Freemium membership available 

SKIDOS Numbers Town is a fun and engaging math game. Imagine study buddies crafted from pasta, buttons and biscuits- everyday treasures that come to life in the most enchanting way. This charming companions lead your little explorers on a merry dance of early math discovery. From the art of counting numbers to sorting shapes, every moment is a thrilling game that boosts their math skills. 

Hold tight as your kids embark on delightful adventures. From tucking in biscuit animals to making popsicle stick racecars that zoom with excitement, this game is filled with fun elements. It’s not just learning; it’s an exploration that sparks curiosity, creativity and sets young minds on a path of mathematical mastery. 

Here learning meets laughter and fun is the cornerstone of growth. Give your kids the gift of learning wrapped with joy, as they soar through the captivating world of Numbers Town, one math-powered adventure at a time! 

2. SKIDOS Animal Daycare

math games for kids

Available: Apple App Store

Age: 3-6 years old

Cost: Freemium membership available 

SKIDOS Animal Daycare is an exciting game that teaches kindergarten math concepts. Animal Daycare is a whimsical wonderland where your little ones transform into ultimate pet pals! Imagine giggles as they pamper adorable furballs, indulging in bubbly baths, stylish makeovers and delightful feeding sessions. But that’s not all! Our young caregivers will take their furry friends to the vet and treat them with magical medicine drops. 

This isn’t just playtime- it’s a masterclass in responsibility and compassion. Watch as your kids sow the seeds of early math in their minds, all while laughter and joy echo through the daycare’s colorful walls. So, why merely watch when you can leap into this enchanting escapade? Spark your kids’ creativity and let the symphony of happy pet tales and radiant smiles fill your days.

3. SKIDOS Car Wash

car games for kids

Available: Apple App Store

Age: 3-6 years old

Cost: Freemium membership available 

Get ready to dive into the ultimate car-tastic escapade with our SKIDOS Car Wash game! Tell your little adventurers to buckle up as they gear up to explore a fleet of over 10 super cool vehicles! From lightning-fast sports cars to rugged trucks, let your tiny tots be ready to tackle any terrain. 

This epic quest starts with a splashy, giggle car wash! Transform the chosen ride into a bubble wonderland, watching it shimmer and shine as its dirt is scrubbed away. But the adventure doesn’t stop there! Swing by the service station, where your kids become the master mechanic, fine-tuning every nook and cranny. Tune-up time is like a magical makeover for cars. 

Now that your kids’ rides are polished, it’s time to hit the open road. Buckle up seatbelts and zoom away, steering through twists and turns, racing against time and unlocking math challenges along the way. Will your kids cruise through a bustling city or blaze through a desert oasis? The possibilities are as endless as their imagination. 

So let your speedy tiny tots prepare to ignite their engines, run their imaginations wild and embark on an adventure. We promise endless hours of laughter, learning and heart-pounding excitement before your kids head back to school. With Car Wash, they’re not just playing a game- they’re living an adventure where learning and fun collide. Get ready to ride, learn and experience the joy of exploration like never before! 

4. SKIDOS Bath

math games for 3 year olds

Available: Apple App Store & Google Play

Age: 3-6 years old

Cost: Freemium membership available 

SKIDOS Bath is an engaging role-playing math game that teaches kids about bathroom habits. It’s not just a game but your kids’ bubbly bathroom buddy and ultimate playtime pal. Here mundane tasks turn into joyous adventures. It nurtures vital life skills while having fun. 

From counting numbers to recognizing shapes, your kids will be learning essential math skills while playing this adorable game. This game has 7 captivating scenes: 

– Splash-tastic sink

– Bubbly bathtub

– Fun toilet time

– Dress up delights

– Laundry missions

– Iron and clothing care

– Shower escapades 

No more hair-brushing tantrums, nose-cleaning negotiations or nail-cutting whims! Let Bath swoop in and turn these tussles into playful teamwork. Let the giggles roll and learning shine because Bath makes tidy- trendy and delightful- divine! Revise math with this fun adventure before your kids head back to school.

5. SKIDOS Doctor

doctor games for kids

Available: Apple App Store & Google Play

Age: 3-6 years old

Cost: Freemium membership available 

Step into the world of SKIDOS Doctor where your kids become the ultimate healing hero!  In this fun role playing educational game, your little ones take on the role of a doctor and embark on a magical medical journey. Three adorable characters need to be nursed back to health in this fun learning game. From soothing runny to fixing hurting ears- there’s no ailment too tricky for our mini doctors to tackle! 

Picture this: 5 scenes that unfold like scenes from a blockbuster: 

1. Treat the flu: Help defeat the sneezes and sniffles with doses of care and courage. 

2. Cure ears: Dive deep into the ear-ssential world of healing earaches. 

3. Take care of teeth: Transform into a dentist and show those teeth some sparkling love. 

4. Get an X-Ray: Uncover hidden mysteries with a dash of X-ray magic and fix bones. 

5. Clean the wounds: Fix those boo-boos with a sprinkle of ointment, bandaids and a whole lot of heart

But wait, there’s more! SKIDOS Doctor isn’t just about thrilling scenes. It teaches how to use medical tools like thermometers, nose drops, ear drops, plasters and disinfectants. Plus, we’ve got teeth brushing tips that’ll make pearly whites proud! 

Learning doesn’t stop here. Our math exercises cover everything from number sense to addition, subtraction and beyond before heading back to school. As your kids grow and conquer challenges, the tasks evolve to match their skill level. It makes sure they’re always on the edge of their seat and ready for the next brain-boosting adventure. At SKIDOS Doctor, every playtime is a prescription to success. 

Tips to support kindergarteners in math 

back to school

The above educational games for kids should help them revise and understand math skills before they head back to school. Additionally, here are a few tips you can keep in mind before the next academic year.

Add a splash of math to your everyday life

Your kids will find math all around the world! Shapes of objects and buildings, the measurements taken while baking their favorite cake and sorting of patterns- all this is MATH! Understanding these concepts helps include math in everyday life. 

Remember that the more practice your kids get, the better they will be able to grasp the foundational concepts of mathematics. 

Turn on the fun math mode! 

When something seems difficult, kids often get frustrated and give up easily. Explain kids how fun can math be by introducing them to fun math games for kids. They will be able to learn math in a fun and relaxed way. 

Sprinkle some positive feedback

If you want your kids to have a healthy relationship with math, try incorporating positive feedback. When they learn a new math concept, take them out for ice cream or pizza! 

And if there is a concept they are struggling with, be patient and continue to motivate them to ace it. Soon enough, they’ll understand it! 

Build a Strong Foundation with Kindergarten Math Adventures!

back to school

Often kids (and adults) see math as a challenging subject. This makes their feeling toward math negative. But educational games for kids help build positivity and confidence towards the subject.

However, it might seem challenging, math is still one of the most important subjects in school. Kids can learn and benefit from it for the rest of their lives. That’s why building early math skills is important! 

When math is made fun and blended with games, kids grasp the subject even better. And our list above of math games for kids offers them an opportunity to sharpen their skills. 

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