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Back to School: How Can Brushing Up on Subjects Help Before The New School Year?

Aug 19, 2023

The sweet scent of new stationery, the crispness of unopened textbooks and the promise of a fresh start- it’s that time of the year again! As your kids bid farewell to lazy summer days, it’s time to put on their thinking caps and get ready to embrace the challenges of a new school year. But worry not, fellow parents, we have a secret ingredient for a smooth and successful academic journey for your little ones! It lies in a little trick called ‘brushing up’. In this blog, we’ll dive into how brushing up on subjects through educational games can make the transition smoother and more enjoyable for your kids. 

Learning Through Play: The Magical Formula

Remember those carefree days of childhood when play was the ultimate learning tool? Well, guess what- it still is! Adding educational games into your kids’ routines can be fruitful. It is a fun and effective way to help them dust off their mind cobwebs before heading back to school. These games seamlessly blend learning and play, making the process feel like an exciting adventure rather than a tedious task. 

What’s in this blog?

1. How do educational games for kids boost back to school revision?

2. Our top educational games for kids

How educational games for kids boost back to school revision?

Our educational games serve as a fantastic tool to help your kids revise subjects and prepare for the upcoming school year. Let’s explore how these games facilitate effective revision:

1. Engagement and active learning: Our games help capture your kids’ attention by turning learning into an interactive and enjoyable experience. When kids are engaged, they actively participate in the learning process. This enhances their understanding and retention of the subject matter. 

2. Concept reinforcement: SKIDOS learning games are designed to reinforce key concepts in a way that feels more like play than studying. Through gameplay, kids encounter and practice essential information repeatedly. This helps to solidify their understanding and memory of the subject. 

3. Application of knowledge: Our educational games involve problem solving scenarios that require kids to apply learned concepts. By using their knowledge to solve in-game challenges, kids gain a deeper understanding of how the subjects are used in real-life situations. 

4. Positive feedback: Our games provide positive feedback that allows kids to assess their strengths in real time. This feedback loop encourages a cycle of trial and error, helping kids to make improvements. This motivates kids to continue engaging with our content. As they progress and achieve new milestones each day, our games boost their confidence and enthusiasm for subjects like math and english. 

5. Variety and multisensory learning: Our games come in various formats such as quizzes, puzzles, simulations and interactive stories. This variety caters to different styles of learning. This allows kids to engage with the subject using multiple senses at once, enhancing comprehension and memory. 

6. Reduces stress and anxiety: Traditional revision methods can sometimes be stressful for kids leading to anxiety. Our games for kids provide a stress-free environment your little ones can review subjects without feeling overwhelmed, making the process more enjoyable. 

7. Active recall and critical thinking: Our games require players to recall information and make decisions based on their understanding of the subject. This active recall and critical thinking contribute to deeper learning. It helps kids develop problem solving skills.

8. Flexible learning pace: Our games offer the flexibility to learn at one’s own pace. Your kids can revisit challenging concepts or delve into new topics according to their readiness, ensuring a customized learning experience. 

9. Social learning: Our games offer role playing opportunities that encourage collaboration and teamwork skills. These interactions with the game characters foster social skills and communication- essential qualities for thriving in a classroom setting. 

10. Preparation for classroom learning: As kids revise through our educational games, they build a foundation of knowledge and confidence. This prepares them for classroom discussions and activities. This head start can lead to increased participation and a smoother transition back to school. 

Incorporating educational games into your kids’ revision process helps them refresh their memory and understanding of subjects. It makes the entire process of revision enjoyable and rewarding. As they embark on this journey of learning through play, kids are better able to tackle the challenges and opportunities of the new school year with enthusiasm and confidence. 

Our top educational games for kids

1. SKIDOS Bath 

This adorable game for kids is a fun learning experience where your little ones will learn all about keeping themselves squeaky clean! Right from washing hands with soap to ironing their clothes, your kids are set to learn the entire bathroom routine. This will make you worry less about them when they are at school going for a bathroom break. While learning these important habits, they can also revise basic math skills that are important to brush up on before heading back to school. 

Skills learned: Personal hygiene, Responsibility, Basic math skills

Available on iOS and Android

2. SKIDOS Doctor

This fun learning game for kids takes us through an exciting clinical experience. Here your kids role play as a doctor and treat cute patients. They will be treating flu, an earache and more. This game will make them empathetic and responsible towards their peers at school in real life. If they see someone get hurt at the school playground, they are most likely to take their peer to the nurse or get some help. Along with this engaging experience, they will also be practicing their math and english skills before their school begins. 

Skill learned: Responsibility, Problem solving, Basic math skills, Language skills

Available on iOS and Android

3. SKIDOS Superstore

Welcome to a fun learning shopping adventure. In Superstore, your kids can dress characters in their favorite shoes and dresses. They can practice their shopping adventures here virtually before actually going to a busting mall to buy school clothes and supplies. This game has many levels where your kids can grab snacks, change hairstyles, shop for groceries and much more! Along with fun activities, they can also revise math and english in this fun learning journey. 

Skills learned: Problem solving, Creativity, Imagination, Basic math skills, Language skills

Available on iOS and Android

4. SKIDOS Car Wash

Are your kids ready for a fun car driving experience? First, they can choose their favorite car from a collection of 10+ vehicles. Then they will have to scrub down the dirty car and tune it up at the service station. Once they have serviced their car, they can drive off to a fun car-tastic adventure! Along with sharpening their motor skills, they can also sharpen their math skills for the new school year on this bumpy and fun car adventure ride! 

Skills learned: Motor skills, Critical thinking, Responsibility, Basic math skills

Available on iOS

5. SKIDOS Animal Care

This cute learning game introduces your kids to the fluffiest pets in our SKIDOS universe. In this game, they will learn to take care of their furry pets. They will learn how to feed and bathe them. They will take the pets to the vet to treat their illnesses and repair their wounds. On this fun journey, they will develop essential skills like empathy and responsibility towards animals. While taking care of their pets, they will practice math and english skills that will help them conquer success when they head back to school. 

Skills learned: Empathy, Responsibility, Basic math skills, Language skills

Available on iOS 

Revise to excel: Prepping for back to school success!

back to school

As the summer sun sets and the school bells ring in the distance, there’s no need for groans and sighs. Embrace the excitement of back to school preparations by infusing the process with the joy of educational games for kids and learning through play. By brushing up on subjects in a fun and interactive way, kids can kick off the new school year with a confident stride and a heart full of curiosity. So, let the games begin- may the quest for knowledge be in their favor! 

At SKIDOS, we want to be a part of your kids’ back to school preparations. Get our learning games and let your kids revise their math and english before their school begins. This will help them be prepared for upcoming challenges they face at school. With newly developed social and collaboration skills through role playing adventures, they can form new friendships at school. Turning to new textbooks will seem familiar as they have already revised subjects with our games. With a SKIDOS Pass, 40+ learning games, 1000+ teacher-designed activities, 25 online games and more will be available to your kids. They are completely ad-free and safe for your little explorers. You can create up to 6 profiles for different-aged kids with just one SKIDOS Pass. 



SKIDOS’s interactive learning games for kids are designed for 2 – 11-year-olds & are aligned with their academic objectives. With our educational games, guide your children to become confident learners in math, coding, & reading. Introduce them to 21st-century skills that will help them prepare for a brighter future. With easy-to-access weekly reports, you can keep an eye on their progress, too. 

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