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Social Emotional Learning Activities PDFs to Help Parents with Kids’ Holistic Learning!

Today, parents can find many social emotional learning activities PDFs on the internet that will make building social-emotional skills in their kids a lot easier. These can offer many interesting ideas and important information to keep in mind.

Earlier, once kids would start talking, parents would focus on them learning basics like the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, etc. Today, parents are more aware that social-emotional skills are just as important as excelling in academics. It’s great to be good in class but it’s even better to be both intellectually and emotionally skilled. We all want our kids to be kind and empathetic towards others, and we also want them to be aware of their own feelings and emotions and know how to deal with them. For this to be easy, there are many social emotional learning activities PDFs available online. They are simple worksheets that have fun activities focused on various emotional and social aspects. 

Social-emotional learning, as the name suggests, is being aware of your emotions and learning how to act on them. It’s a set of skills that help us in being considerate towards ourselves and others, to take into account the feelings and emotions that trigger an action. When a child knows what they’re feeling and are able to communicate the same to their parents, it’s more comfortable for them to address the emotion. Often, kids feel jealousy, frustration, or sadness, and are unable to explain what they’re feeling. This leaves them perplexed and their actions are, in turn, erratic. Social emotional learning activities PDFs offer many activities that will help kids sharpen those skills. 

Listed below are some activities that will help enhance the 5 components of social-emotional learning, namely self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.

Emotion Wheel

Make an emotion color wheel for your child where each emotion corresponds with a color. Explain different emotions to them so that they are able to define what they’re feeling. Allow them to point out on the Emotion Wheel what they’re feeling. Now, against each emotion, the wheel must have ways to deal with that particular emotion. For example, if they’re feeling angry, the action could be deep breathing, speaking calmly to the person who made them angry, or trying to show empathy towards whoever made them angry. Parents can also get many more such simple yet wonderful ideas from the social emotional learning activities PDFs online.

Learning Apps

There are many learning apps such as SKIDOS that have online games that are fun and educational for children. Along with math and logic skills, our games at SKIDOS are focused on teaching kids important social and emotional aspects as well in a more subtle, organic manner. Kids will learn about making friends, caring for nature, the value of discipline, and a lot more through our 40+ fun games.

Group Games

Games that require teamwork are the perfect way to strengthen social-emotional skills in kids. Children learn that when everyone works together as a team, victory is possible. Whether it’s a 3-legged race or soccer, kids will learn to understand their own strengths and weaknesses, adjust with each other, encourage one another, and work towards a common goal. It also gives kids a chance to interact with their peers freely.

These physical and online activities along with many more that parents can find online will help parents and teachers inculcate social-emotional learning in kids. Your child will be able to develop the knowledge and personal well-being required to thrive in all their social surroundings.

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