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Skidos Learning Games

Let your child learn as they play games. SKIDOS’ educational games help improve math accuracy, build vocabulary & develop an early interest in coding. We help your kids develop 21st century skills & assist them to become part of the “digital generation” as we like to call it.

What is the SKIDOS Pass?

The SKIDOS Pass is your entry point to a world of educational apps. 40+ learning apps on iOS & Android that help your kids learn key 21st Century Skills.

More About SKIDOS:

We are like the “Netflix for learning games”. Our library of educational apps help children learn while they play cool games on mobile devices. We assist parents & teachers to make mathematics fun, reading a habit & coding a cool activity for kids. With a SKIDOS Pass, you get access to 40+ Learning apps & 1000+ fun activities for your kids.

Having fun is the best way to learn

We help parents & teachers worldwide make education easier. Our interactive learning apps are designed for children aged 2 to 11 years. With our educational games, guide your children to develop an early interest in math, coding & reading that will help them prepare for a brighter future

Hear from Parents and Teachers

What is the SKIDOS Pass?

Play & Learn

Kids often get bored studying through traditional ways. Our 40+ game apps offer carefully designed fun learning games that provide a variation to the otherwise boring routine. With adorable animations & cute sounds in our enjoyable games, we incorporate simple academic exercises at every level for kids to learn in a playful way.

Improve Skills

As we keep upgrading, kids get a wide range of activities and exercises with our 40+ game apps. These apps have games including subjects like math & coding, language, tracing numbers & letters for preschoolers and educational video content for kids of all ages. Feedback tells us it has helped kids improve their skills, academic accuracy & concentration levels immensely, which is what we aim at.

Safe Screen Time

Alongside a productive screen time, we also ensure the safety of your kids in the virtual cosmos. SKIDOS learning games offer a safe & ad-free atmosphere with no negative or inappropriate content or advertisements. We also ensure complete security of your child’s personal data so parents & teachers do not have anything to worry about with kids being safe online.

Extra Learning

Not all learning happens in the classroom. Better exposure in terms of learning new skills and some concepts in an alternate manner, in a safe and fun way, is equally important. Our academic experts from world over have carefully designed our games. It is all customized as per the age & interests of 2-11-year-old kids. Children can get some extra learning, revision & build new skills while playing their favorite games.
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