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Toddler Games - For the 2 - 4 year olds

Safe, Secure & Ad Free games for your toddler. With a single subscription you get access to 30+ games for your 2, 3 or 4 year old & can sit back and relax

SKIDOS Game Portfolio Cute Monster


Bath is a role-playing game, a toy, and a little helper. It’s a fun way to experience the little daily routines.

Animal Coloring Games for Toddlers


A great kids learning game for your toddler to learn creativity, colors and some basic mathematics.​​

Super Store Game


The Shopping Mall game is an open-ended creative game that helps 3-6 year olds play music & more.​


Help your little ones become confident with doctors and basic infections. A great way to explain and understand


Go on an adventure with animal friends & learn simple numbers, the clock & much more

Your child will improve his/her numbers, letters & colors recognition skills whilst playing these fun learning games.